NFL Mock Draft 2011: Are Tennessee Titans Eyeing Receiver in Round 1?

Nick SeroCorrespondent IIIApril 13, 2011

Kenny Britt's likely suspension could shake up the top 10.
Kenny Britt's likely suspension could shake up the top 10.Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Kenny Britt recently pretended that he was streaking down the field towards the end zone...and the cops chasing behind were just cornerbacks trying to make a tackle.

Britt's run-in with the law isn't really all that newsworthy. I mean, of course it is big news whenever an athlete gets in trouble; I'm just saying it's not that shocking.

His most recent arrest is Britt's third in three seasons. Britt allegedly was driving over the speed limit in his home state of New Jersey. The police tried to pull Britt over, but a chase ensued. Once he felt he had lost said officers, Britt and a companion nonchalantly left the vehicle and began walking away. The police weren't fooled and arrested Britt shortly after.

The big question here is not how a possible suspension for Britt will affect the Titans, because with or without Britt things don't look great. The question now is how Britt's arrest and likely subsequent suspension are going to affect the Titans' draft plans. Britt at least gave the Titans some time to do their research on some more receivers in this year's draft, but it only gives them two weeks.

If Ben Roethlisberger can be suspended without being charged, and Michael Vick still faced punishment after actually serving jail time, there is no doubt that Britt faces a suspension in the upcoming season. So will the Titans consider drafting one of the top two receivers in this year's draft?

The idea isn't totally out of the question. The Titans sit at No. 8 and in most mock drafts are selecting a defensive lineman, usually Nick Fairley of Auburn. They could find themselves in position to draft A.J. Green or Julio Jones. Green likely will not make it that far, but Jones is a definite option.

The Titans taking Julio Jones would supply the Titans with a young and very athletic receiver. I dare say that Julio Jones would be the best receiving option on the entire team from the first second he were to hold up a Titans jersey. Kenny Britt is the most skilled receiver likely to be on the Titans' 2011 roster, followed by either Nate Washington or Justin Gage.

The Titans probably won't have a quarterback worth naming throwing to Jones in the case he is drafted in the first round. They won't have one worth naming if they don't draft Jones either, however. Taking Jones would be filling a need you are eventually going to have down the line. The Titans gambled and lost on Randy Moss, so you have to figure they won't be relying on the discounted veteran anytime soon.

The chances of the Titans taking a receiver are substantially higher now that Britt has ensured himself a suspension, but they still aren't great. In the case the Titans do pass up taking a defensive lineman and can draft Green or Jones, it would shake up the remainder of the draft. Fairley would drop even further, causing him to be an even better value to a team in the middle of the first round.

So while you sit there, sure that your beloved Miami Dolphins are going to take Mark Ingram, I say reconsider pre-ordering his jersey. Will a team go with less value on a need or go best available and take Fairley?

Of course, this is all speculative, and the Titans would actually have to bring in Jones or Green for an interview before the idea could truly pick up steam. The fact still remains that the Titans are in position to take a bona fide receiving stud to add to their dismal receiving corps, so why wouldn't they?