2011 NFL Mock Draft—Updated

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2011 NFL Mock Draft—Updated
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It’s the first NFL Mock Draft in my new digs here. This year’s NFL Draft is certain to take some different turns with the apparent wait on free agency. Teams could be drafting more for need than we have seen them in recent years in the early rounds. With so many teams in need of a Quarterback, it is a wonder if they will jump or try and get in on a bidding war once free agency begins. Anyway, let’s get into the first five picks of this update…

1. Carolina | Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri

The Panthers are in a situation without being able to look at  Quarterbacks in free agency. They could throw Jimmy Clausen another bone this year, but they have to grab someone and they are not picking in round two. They are not one pick away from a winning season either. Any of the top options this year could help Carolina, but it could come down to who will sign.

2. Denver | Marcell Dareus, DT, Alabama

Denver is trying to make people believe they are interested in a QB with this selection. With another QB class, maybe. They need help all over the defense as they switch back to a 4-3. Dareus can help them from day one.

3. Buffalo | Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M

I have had the Bills going with Cam Newton for a while. I'm just getting the feeling that defense is the way to go for the Bills and maybe look at a QB at the top of the second round. Von Miller makes an immediate impact as a pass rusher.

4. Cincinnati | Cam Newton, QB, Auburn

Carson Palmer has played his hand. Even if he hadn’t, it wouldn’t be the worst move for the Bengals given his health in recent years.  When thinking of teams that may look past the character questions with Newton, the Bengals come to mind.

5. Arizona | Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU

I like Von Miller here if he were to fall, possibly even Robert Quinn as they need a pass rusher. Picture Patrick Peterson shutting down half of the field in six games against NFL West pass struggling teams. Nice.

The rest of round one HERE. Rounds two and three in next update.

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