The OaklandRaiders Organization Is in Trouble

Thomas H.Correspondent IFebruary 16, 2017

The Raiders are the most confused franchise in all the major league sports based in the United States. It seems like every Sunday you hear them lose, and every week day theres something stupid that they did.

This question comes up after the firing of Coach Lane Kiffin who had been on the team for two losing seasons, including a slow start this year. He went a total of 5-15 through the seasons. So he was fired right away, but does it all make sense?

This team hasn't had more than six wins in a season since 2002.  Is it all Kiffin's fault? Lets look farther.

What happened?

I hate to say this about a man who is in the National Football League hall of fame, but Al Davis.

First lets state the main reason. He has been in the game too long and is making calls that just don't make sense. He had the good years back in the past decades after 1963, but now he's kind of nuts. He is always wearing only black.

It started with the hiring of Kiffin. After going through multiple coaches in the previous awful seasons, he picked a new one in Lane Kiffin. This was a wrong choice not just then, but now. Kiffin was an assistant coach at USC, and didn't have any NFL coaching experience. He did come from a football family, but wasn't ready and Davis picked him in a rush.

Kiffin was given a young rookie in JaMarcus Russell at quarterback, and no running game. Not to mention, the defense was weak. He wasn't even given two years to work with it. Listen Al, either don't hire him or give him some time to develop the team, but develop as a coach as well. What he did was pointless and was as if he has made this season a joke. Now the Raiders have Mcfadden they might have some offensive front on the team.

The Raiders franchise is more of a joke than the Montreal Expos in the 1990s that didn't have enough money to keep what the minor leagues gave to them. They ended up giving players like Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez and Vlad Guerrero because they didn't have fans to give money. The Raiders have some money, but with leaders like these they might just give up Mcfadden and Russell.

The Raiders have no current inner victories, but with a few changes on the team anything could happen.

See you soon-