Miami Dolphins: Mike Sims-Walker Wants Miami, Fins Should Make It Mutual

Carlos SandovalAnalyst IIIMarch 26, 2011

ARLINGTON, TX - OCTOBER 31:  Wide receiver Mike Sims-Walker #11 of the Jacksonville Jaguars celebrates a touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys in the first quarter at Cowboys Stadium on October 31, 2010 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins are all about drama as of late. Sure, they may not have earned the attention, but they're definitely getting it.

The newest little nugget coming out of South Beach? Mike Sims-Walker, and his desire to be playing at Dolphin Stadium next year, if there even is a "next year."

That's right—the Jacksonville Jaguars' premier target wants to head just a bit south of his current location to line-up across field from Brandon Marshall.

Sims-Walker tweeted that he wanted to "pull a LeBron", meaning he was ready to take his talents to South Beach.

Brandon Marshall made a pretty un-funny comment as well, saying he would be Dwyane Wade, while Sims-Walker would be LeBron James.

I approve of this, though. I approve of Brandon Marshall's mutual desire to work with Sims-Walker. The Dolphins have a pretty crappy offense, especially in the red-zone, where Chad Henne hasn't performed well at all.

What Sims-Walker would do for the Dolphins could save Chad Henne's career or, even better, force the organization to move in a different direction at quarterback.

That's because having two premier targets—one notorious for stretching defenses, the other notorious for dominating the short-field game—would only help those deficiencies inside the 20-yard-line on offense.

Brandon Marshall would no longer have to deal with being gassed at the end of long drives, having seemingly every ball thrown his way, while Davone Bess can remain the slot receiver, a role he seems to have a natural knack for.

As for the entire Chad Henne situation? As I said, way up there, it can only revive his career, or possibly show the organization if Henne's worth wasting the time on. If Sims-Walker becomes one of Henne's targets, we'll see if letting him loose on the offensive side of the ball fixes anything when he has a man that can get deep, and fast.

Having Brandon Marshall within 20 yards and Sims-Walker down the field should give him a crap-load of options. If the Dolphins can acquire Sims-Walker and Henne still can't perform at the level he should be, then it's a sign of things to come at the quarterback position, the most important position for the Dolphins right now.

Either way, bringing in Sims-Walker is a good move, and can really only make the team better, since offense is what the Fins are lacking. No joke—everything else is fine, though there were some falters late last season.

Let's just hope that our drama-hoard GM and owner are in agreement.

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