2011 Philadelphia Phillies: How Well Do You Know the Team?

Matt Goldberg@@tipofgoldbergCorrespondent IMarch 24, 2011

2011 Philadelphia Phillies: How Well Do You Know the Team?

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    Opening Day (for the Philadelphia Phillies, anyway) is only eight days away!

    I've been told that I can hardly contain my excitement, and I won't disagree with that assessment.

    In that regard, I don't know if today's 30 degree, rainy weather is getting me more or less geeked up for the April Fools' Day opener.

    The proximity of the regular-season baseball opener does have me staying up late posting the following Phillies quiz for all of you fans to enjoy.

    And yes, some of these questions may be easy, but others may challenge you just a bit. And there are a few that may have you screaming: "Who gives a damn." Or worse.

    All of the questions are focused on current players, but down the line (and still in fair territory), I may unleash some questions that will test your expertise on Phillies history.

    Please close your books, sharpen your pencil, and get to it.

    There are a dozen questions, so each is worth eight points, for a subtotal of 96. If you either spell or say Antonio Bastardo correctly, award yourself an extra four.

    Good luck, and feel free to post your score in the comments section.

Question 1

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    I am the oldest player listed on the active roster:


    A. Domonic Brown

    B. Jose Contreras

    C. Raul Ibanez

    D. J.C. Romero


    (answer key will be on the last slide —no peeking)

Question 2

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    Chase Utley played his college ball for _____.


    A. Arizona

    B. Stanford

    C. UCLA

    D. USC

    E. The School of Hard Knocks and Takeout Slides


    (answer key will be on the last slide —no peeking)

Question 3

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    Jimmy Rollins won the NL MVP in _____.

    A. 2005

    B. 2006

    C. 2007

    D. 2008


    (answer key will be on the last slide —no peeking)

Question 4

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    Carlos "Chooch" Ruiz was born in _______.


    A. Nicaragua

    B. Panama

    C. Puerto Rico

    D. South Philly


    (answer key will be on the last slide—no peeking)

Question 5

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    Cliff Lee's given name is:


    A. Cliff Huxtable

    B. Clifton Phifer Lee

    C. Clifton Phil Lee

    D. Clifton Filbert Lee

    E. Steve Carlton


    (answer key will be on the last slide—be patient)

Question 6

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    How many times has Ryan Howard blasted 45 or more homers in a season?


    A. 2

    B. 3

    C. 4

    D. 5


    (answer key will be on the last slide—I said no peeking)

Question 7

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    Roy Halladay leads all active MLB pitchers in ______.


    A. Complete games

    B. ERA

    C. Wins

    D. All of the above


    (answer key will be on the last slide—please, no peeking)

Question 8

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    The only Phillies regular with a career batting average over .300 is _________.


    A. Placido Polanco

    B. Carlos Ruiz

    C. Chase Utley

    D. Shane Victorino


    (The photo is of former Phillies outfielders Gary "Sarge" Matthews and Gary "Secretary of Defense" Maddox.)


    (Save a tree, and some money—please don't print, or peek at answers yet)

Question 9

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    Cole Hamels came up to the Phillies in the middle of  _____.


    A. 2005

    B. 2006

    C. 2007

    D. a hailstorm of biblical proportions


    (answer key will be on the last slide—no cheating)

Question 10

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    Shane Victorino has won ____ consecutive Gold Gloves.


    A. 1

    B. 2

    C. 3

    D. 4

    E. 23


    (answer key will be on the last slide—no peeking.  That means You)

Question 11

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    Which Phillies player needs 30 more RBI to reach 1,000 for his career?


    A. Ryan Howard

    B. Raul Ibanez

    C. Roy Oswalt

    D. Jimmy Rollins

    E. Chase Utley


    (Answer key will be on the last slide—no peeking.  That means you.)

Question 12

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    Before coming to the Phils, Brad Lidge pitched for _______.


    A. the Astros

    B. the Cardinals

    C. the Dodgers

    D. nobody else

    E. peanuts

    Double check your answers,  and go to the next slide to see how you did.

The Answers and What It All Means

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    1. B,  Jose Contreras (subtract four points if you chose Domonic Brown)

    2. C   UCLA

    3. C   2007

    4. B   Panama

    5. B  Clifton Phifer Lee (though he may change his middle name to "Phil")

    6. C  four times

    7. A  ...in complete games (only)

    8. A   Placido Polanco

    9. B   in 2006 (add three points if you went with "D.")

    10. C  three times

    11. B  Raul Ibanez

    12. A  the Astros

    Now, multiply your correct answers by 8 and add four points (if you either spelled or said Antonio Bastardo correctly) to arrive at your final score. If you are a brave soul, post your score and any comments below.



    Less than four points — Mets fan

    4-50 points — John Felske would be proud

    51-69 points — Double-A player

    70-84 — Triple-A player

    85-92 — Big leaguer

    93-100 — A true Phillies fan