Washington Redskins: Could Trading McNabb for Palmer Solve Both Teams' Problems?

Josh McCainSenior Writer IMarch 22, 2011

CINCINNATI - DECEMBER 26:  Carson Palmer #9 of the Cincinnati Bengals throws a pass during the NFL game against the San Diego Chargers at Paul Brown Stadium on December 26, 2010 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Bengals 34-20.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Carson Palmer wants out of Cincinnati, and by all indications (though not confirmed), the Redskins want Donovan McNabb out of Washington.

Here's a thought, why not swap quarterbacks?

I know it's not that simple, and with McNabb's age I'm sure the Skins will have to add something to the deal (in my idea world, that something would be Albert Haynesworth).

Bengals owner Mike Brown has already dismissed the idea of trading or releasing Palmer even though his coach Marvin Lewis seems to be moving forward with plans that don't include Palmer in orange and black.

But in all seriousness, the trade does make a bit of sense.

The Bengals hold the No. 4 pick in this year's draft and with Palmer's uncertainty of coming back, they very well may take a quarterback with that pick. 

The Redskins (who were assuredly going to take a quarterback at 10) have been working out a plethora of other positions at Redskins Park.

They could be shying away from a first-round quarterback or a quarterback in general.  If the Redskins were to take a quarterback in the later rounds or just wait until next season, they'll want a decent stop-gap under center.

It's clear that if they want to win games (and there will be fewer next year so everyone counts), Rex Grossman isn't that guy.

I've floated the idea of Alex Smith (if the 49ers don't re-sign him) as my favorite stop-gap option.  He's young, mobile and has the tangibles that Shanahan likes.

However, if a trade with the Bengals was possible, I'll take Palmer over Smith any day.

Don't worry, Bengals fans, there is a bright side for you, as well.

McNabb probably has two more seasons left in the tank and with the superior receivers on the Bengals roster; McNabb should have a better season than he did in D.C.

Also, if the Bengals take a quarterback at the No. 4 pick, I can't think of too many quarterbacks I'd rather see groom him than McNabb.

Heck, if we throw in Haynesworth, that just bolsters your defense.

I think the trade makes sense for both teams and both quarterbacks.  Like I said, the 'Skins will have to add something to the pot to make the Bengals want to jump at it, and as long as that something (probably a draft pick) isn't too steep, I think the Redskins should make that move.


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