Oakland Raiders: Al Davis, A Head of His Own

Kyle JensenContributor IOctober 1, 2008

Let me put a disclaimer on this article right away.  I don't know the Raiders as much as probably anybody in Raider Nation, but I have my information.

For one, Al Davis is on the verge of being considered, (at the risk of being redundant) insanely insane!!

Obviously Lane Kiffin didn't prove himself, he had the chance to prove himself, but did not get the chances (plural).  A team that was already in disarray for half a decade, he took over that team with NO coaching experience, except for the fact that he was the offensive "genius" if you will under Pete Carroll's system at USC.  You can't expect a complete turnaround in less than two seasons. 

I think you could make a movie about Al Davis' tenure as owner of the Raiders.  The movie would be called "Just win, baby: The Al Davis Story."  The movie should star the kid from "Little Big League" where he takes over a dysfunctional Raider team and brings them back to prominence.

First of all, Davis of all people, should understand that there needs to be stability in running a sports franchise.  Hiring and firing coaches every other year doesn't really help a team move forward to be successful.  How many times can you hire the "wrong" coach?

Secondly, the way he went public with Kiffin's firing was so disgraceful.  He absolutely embarrassed Kiffin in front of Kiffin's family.  When you hold a press conference for something like this, don't you think you should keep the personal vendettas out of it? 

All you have to do is say that you didn't like the way the team was heading.  You wanted a change. 

I really do feel sorry for "Raider Nation."  So much heartache for those loyal fans.  Most Raider fans that I have spoken to disagree with Davis' decision to fire Kiffin. 

This may have set JaMarcus Russell back another year, and helped in possibly slowing the development of running back Darren McFadden.

So Kiffin didn't want to draft Russell, but he still embraced him, and helped him.  He tried to develop him more as a quarterback and game manager.

Now Kiffin is the possible top choice as the new head coach at another struggling football program, Syracuse, Al Davis' Alma-mater.

I'm pulling for you Raider fans.