Philadelphia Phillies: 5 Candidates to Take Domonic Brown's 25-Man Roster Spot

Adrian FedkiwAnalyst IIIMarch 14, 2011

Philadelphia Phillies: 5 Candidates to Take Domonic Brown's 25-Man Roster Spot

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    With Domonic Brown's hand injury, another opportunity presented itself as an extra roster spot opened up. 
    Who knows when Brown will get called up this season, if he even gets called up at all?
    Ben Francisco continues to hit the ball hard during spring training, and he'll be the starting right fielder.
    Nobody knows what's going on with Chase Utley's knee, and this will play a role in regards to whom the Phillies will select to make the opening day roster as well.

John Mayberry Jr.

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    John Mayberry is the leading candidate to take Brown's roster spot.

    At 27, Mayberry is at a crossroads in his major league development.  Charlie Manuel and the rest of the managerial staff is giving him every chance to succeed in spring training.

    From a right-hand hittting standpoint, Mayberry could really help the team off the bench to pinch hit if he can get his bat going.  He has good power, but struggles with the breaking stuff.

    During the winter, Mayberry took in some first base work, a position he played in college.  It increases his versatility.

    Mayberry has shown good signs; he's currently hitting .324 with four bombs in spring training.

Delwyn Young

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    Young is another option as a reserve outfielder. 

    Like Mayberry, he too has had a solid spring, hitting .333.

    Young isn't a great fielder, but he would be an OK right-handed hitting option off the bench.

    He has a career .258/.317/.393 line.

Michael Martinez

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    Martinez is another option in the outfield.

    He's a versatile player who can play the middle infield and outfield.  Martinez struggles at the plate, and at the major league level, you have to hit to play.

    His plus is his speed.  He needs to be able to get on base to utilize it.

    He's currently hitting .250. 

Josh Barfield

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    The Phillies have experimented with playing Wilson Valdez in the outfield during the spring. 

    If Chase Utley continues to have trouble with his knee, the Phillies could possibly go with Barfield as a reserve infielder and stick Valdez in the outfield. 

    Barfield has caught my eye in a few of his at-bats.  In 19 at-bats, Barfield is hitting .455.  He's spraying the ball around.  Out of his nine hits, Barfield has two doubles and a triple.


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    The Phillies could go another route and trade.

    Michael Young has been one name brought up, but the Phillies are a patient organization.  If they do wind trying to pick up an outfielder via trade, I think they're going to wait until the season starts.

    Joe Blanton is trade bait, so we'll see if the Phillies decide to move him before the trading deadline.