2011 NFL Trade Rumors: Which Names Are the Latest To Be Floated as Trade Bait?

James WillisAnalyst IMarch 2, 2011

2011 NFL Trade Rumors: Which Names Are the Latest To Be Floated as Trade Bait?

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    Ahead of the 2011 NFL Draft, rumors are flying in over which names may be traded to secure better picks in the draft.

    The Collective Bargaining Agreement problem is yet to be sorted and signed, which also plays a role in which names are thrown into the hat as trade options.

    Here are a list of the latest names to be mentioned as trade possibilities in a key time for the NFL.

A.J. Hawk

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    Team: Green Bay Packers

    Position: Inside Linebacker

    Reason: Despite having been on better form over recent seasons and earning a Super Bowl ring with the team in the process, Hawk has no guarantees of staying put in Green Bay.

    A number of rumors have surfaced from various places, including the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal, that he may be on his way out of the reigning champions.

    With Nick Barnett returning, and at a cheaper cost, Green Bay may trade Hawk now instead of paying his substantial salary.

Jason Taylor, Kris Jenkins, Vernon Gholston and Damien Woody

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    Team: New York Jets

    Position: Defensive End, Defensive End, Outside Linebacker, Guard/Tackle

    Reason: The Jets may be ready to trade a number of their older defensive options ahead of the draft in order to get better picks and claim some of the top defensive prospects.

    Stephen Paea is rumored to have been on the Jets shortlist for some time, and his combine performance will make him difficult for the Jets to reach unless they get a better pick somehow.

    Kris Jenkins has also been struggling with injury issues over the last few seasons, giving the team another reason to look for younger replacements.

    It may also save the Jets enough money to resign more of the free agents that left during this offseason.

Vince Young

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    Team: Tennessee Titans

    Position: Quarterback

    Reason: Some reports, including the Tennessean, have suggested that a number of teams have been asking about the availability of Vince Young.

    Although it is a long shot, there is still a chance that if a good enough offer comes in, the Titans may choose to trade up Vince Young.

    He is said to earn a $4.25 million bonus this coming season, something which teams may be hesitant to take on, but with that said, it doesn't rule out a surprise deal being done.

Donovan McNabb

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    Team: Washington Redskins

    Position: Donovan McNabb

    Reason: McNabb was benched for the last three regular games of last season and seems to have problems with Mike Shanahan.

    Washington will probably look for a new quarterback in 2011, but will refuse to release McNabb for nothing.

    They may be able to try and get some sort of trade for a better draft pick with one of the many teams looking for a quarterback, even if it is a bad deal.

Cullen Jenkins

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    Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

    Team: Green Bay Packers

    Position: Defensive End

    Reason: The younger brother of Kris Jenkins (from slide two), Cullen seems to be running out of time on the Packers.

    He said himself, "I’m 99% sure something won’t happen [with regards to staying on at Green Bay]. Not at this point. You get to a point where you want to go where you feel you’re wanted."

    "The way everything came down, it’s just time for a new start."

Randy Moss

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    Team: Tennessee Titans

    Position: Wide Receiver

    Reason: Randy Moss had one of his worst seasons last year. After leaving New England, he signed with the Minnesota Vikings only to move on to the Tennessee Titans a month later.

    It seems that no one wants Moss any more thanks to his attitude and "diva" demands. Despite this, there's no denying the man's talent.

    If any team is willing to take a gamble, then they could do worse than Randy Moss. Rumors suggest that the Rams may be interested as they look to strengthen Sam Bradford's options in his sophomore year.

    Another switch could well be in the pipeline for Moss.

Devin Hester

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    Team: Chicago Bears

    Position: Wide Receiver

    Reason: Hester never really reached the full potential the Bears were hoping he would, and as a result, has ended up costing the team a fair bit of money. While his value is still averagely high, the Bears may want to cash in on the player now, rather than waiting and ending up simply releasing him.

    The team have a number of other receivers capable of filling Hester's role as the team does not rely on him. They may even end up with a decent draft pick out of the trade in order to be able to draft a new wide receiver with more potential.

    Despite also being a return man, the Bears can live without Hester in this position. If anyone is going to be traded from their team, it looks likely to be him right now.

Reggie Bush

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    Team: New Orleans Saints

    Position: Half Back / Punt Returner

    Reason: It's most likely that the Saints will commit to a new deal with Reggie Bush, but with that said, a trade should not be ruled out.

    The Saints haven't been rushing over a decision on the player, and while he's expensive, he has largely appeared good value for the money.

    The decision they have to make will be a difficult one as there is no doubt that they could attract a lot of attention for someone like Reggie Bush.

    His salary may be the one thing that pushes a surprise trade through.

Carson Palmer

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    Team: Cincinnati Bengals

    Position: Quarterback

    Reason: Palmer has been making a number of demands from the Bengals, and it has been reported that the team is taking them seriously. While they want to hold onto their quarterback, they may be prepared to move on without him, especially if they can draft a strong young prospect.

    One of ESPN's bloggers, James Walker, said:

    "In my opinion, the Bengals should trade Palmer while they can still get decent value for him. Cincinnati will be rebuilding for the next two years anyway—with or without Palmer—and there are plenty of teams in need of a good quarterback."