12.10.83—Redskins invade Dallas ready for war

Rich TandlerSenior Analyst ISeptember 26, 2008

Since the game account from Dallas in '83 has drawn such favorable response, I thought I'd lift this little blub about what was going on the day before the game from my book Gut Check. Enjoy.

The Redskins arrived in Dallas today ready to do battle with the Cowboys—and it showed.

About two dozen Redskins wore battle fatigues and combat boots for the flight to the site of tomorrow's game, which will almost certainly decide the NFC East title and home field advantage throughout the conference playoffs.

The participants in the costume party didn't ask Joe Gibbs for permission beforehand. "I they had told me, I probably would have tried to talk them out of it."

Probably? As Russ Grimm said it, "I imagine Joe was about ready tot hrow up" as he saw the way the were dressed as they boarded the team bus.

Earlier in the week at Redskins Park, the players were characteristically cautious in their comments. "It's a game between two great teams," said running back Nick Giaquinto, summarizing most of what the team said.

"Dallas is very good in all respects. I think if you took a poll, most people would pick Dallas as the best team," said Gibbs.

The only remotely hostile comment was by safety Mark Murphy, and that was in response to something the opposition was reported to have said.

It came out in the papers that Dallas coach Tom Landry say that he could beat Murphy in a foot race. "I am officially challenging Tom Landry to a race before Sunday's game. Winner takes all, for home field advantage."

Oddsmakers have installed Dallas as a 2 ½ point favorite. No odds have been set on the Murphy vs. Landry competition.