Raider Nation Must Break It Down and Prepare a Proposal for More Hall of Famers

Honor Warren Wells TheTorchSenior Writer IIFebruary 24, 2011

LOS ANGELES - NOVEMBER 11:  Pro Football Hall of Fame executive director, Pete Elliott, (C) poses for a photo with Raiders Hall of Fame players from left to right, Art Shell, Jim Otto, Ted Hendricks, Gene Upshaw, George Blanda and Fred Biletnikoff prior to a game between the Green Bay Packers and the Los Angeles Raiders at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on November 11, 1990 in Los Angeles, California.  The Packers won 29-16.  (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)
George Rose/Getty Images

We have the freedom to ask questions of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Why aren't more Oakland Raiders honored in Canton, Ohio? Some of you know the answer.

I cannot pretend that I do not know.

Once a group of us hone our research skills and prepare proposals to challenge and charge the Pro Football Hall of Fame to come up with a better process, no doubt more Oakland Raiders will be enshrined.

For several years now, I have paid attention to the selection process of the HOF in Canton, Ohio. In fact, I visited there in 2009, and you can be sure that I am going to make more visits to the HOF.

When I visited there in 2009, I was appalled at some selections and encouraged by others.

Among other sources, I have read many articles by JW Nix, and the travesties are evident. Something must be done. From what I have learned by reading Nix's articles, he has been successful in advocating for some players who are now enshrined.

Some of the details of his research and advocacy are in this article, written by a prolific writer and researcher.

This link shows the amount of detail and work this BR writer put into the project. Might there be a BR writer who will invest more time and energy into getting more Oakland Raiders into the HOF? We hope so.

I have this tendency, as a researcher, to study issues, looking for complete and exhaustive analysis and comparisons. I search for both the existence and uniqueness of the careers of many players.

Many questions are being compiled. The issues for which I have developed a great deal of concern will be challenged by the presentation of a proposal.

Who will receive the proposal for a shakedown and shakeup of the way things have been done without a thorough consideration of the validity and reliability of some of those past decisions?

I don't know, but as a reader of this article, if you would like to suggest names for the list, just post those names in the comment strand.

Too often we have not, because we ask not. With the freedom and use of certain media, we can now prepare a discussion of issues and present them to those who can make a difference.

Of course, those people who get the proposals just may ignore our pleas for things to be done differently. Nevertheless, it is our duty to raise questions and to challenge the status quo.

The Raider Nation cannot continue to tolerate misrepresentation and under-representation of the gifts and talents of the former or senior Oakland Raiders in past years.

It's time to raise questions. It's time for things to change.

Let's let the spirit of advocacy rise up again, and let us argue the case of why more Oakland Raiders need to be honored in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

The mission is difficult. The mission may be laden with political hindrances. But, many of us believe that where there is a will, there is a way.

Parallel to the Raider Nation's desire to see the Oakland Raiders rise up in rank in the AFC and in the NFL, there is also a passionate desire to see a more representative group of Oakland Raiders in Canton.

Rise up Oakland Raiders in the AFC, NFL and in presence in the Enshrinement Hall of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Why not shake the tree of the HOF and let the leaves and fruit of the labor of the senior players who were Oakland Raiders fall in the laps of the Raider Nation?