Washington Redskins: Brandon Banks Another Knucklehead Who Needs To Be Let Go

Josh McCainSenior Writer IFebruary 16, 2011

LANDOVER, MD - DECEMBER 12:  Brandon Banks #16 of the Washington Redskins returns a kick against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at FedExField on December 12, 2010 in Landover, Maryland. The Buccaneers defeated the Redskins 17-16. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)
Larry French/Getty Images

Let me start off this article by saying I wish Brandon Banks a speedy recovery and hope he's on his feet soon.

With that said I think he needs to be on a list of soon to be ex-Redskins.

Last season a lot of Redskins' fans fell in love with the scrappy little punt and kickoff return man, standing at a mere 5'7 150 pounds.

However, from just following him on Twitter (he's sense deleted the account) through out the season he has come off as a bit of a whiny and immature guy.

Like many Skins' fans I follow all of the teams' players on twitter just to keep tabs.  Banks didn't compare with the others. 

Guys like Chris Cooley, Philip Daniels and fellow rookie Anthony Armstrong all come off as professionals and just your average Joe kind of guys.  Banks, on the other hand, came off as a high school kid.

Now I'm not the Twitter police, but as a fan of the team, I became increasingly annoyed with Banks tweets, and despite his skill at returning kicks, I began to question his maturity to play at an NFL level.

Then this past weekend when news broke about Banks getting stabbed while defending his friend, I hoped for a speedy recovery and was relieved to hear the wounds were superficial.

Now, five days removed, we're learning that Banks did not receive superficial wounds, the latest report is a tube had to be inserted in his chest to prevent his lung from collapsing.  On top of that we've also learned that here is surveillance footage, as well as camera phone footage of Banks and his friend Christopher Nixon starting the fight.

There are reports that are a bit conflicting.  The first one that I heard was that the guy with the knife drew the knife first and then was punched in the face by Nixon before he started stabbing.

Also there are reports that Banks threw the first punch then the guy pulled the knife.

Between this story and the Haynesworth story I'm sick and tired of hearing about Redskins doing stupid things in their off hours.

After the alleged road-rage and sexual assault accusations against Albert Haynesworth many fans and pundits have called for the team just to cut the nose tackle.  They're tired of the headache.

I think the same could be said for Banks.  Sure this is his first incident, but it also could have been his last.  Banks probably came within inches of having his number on a sicker on the Redskins helmet for the 2011 season.

I think if the Redskins truly want to change the image the have gained through the past decade they need to have zero tolerance policy in situations like these.  Players are no good to a team if they're on injured reserve for incidents that happen off the field.

After all Banks is a tiny return man who sees very little time in the offense, replacing him with say Anthony Armstrong (or Santana Moss if the team resigns him) wouldn't be that hard.

I know a lot of fans out there are going to disagree with me because Banks won over a lot of peoples' hearts with his Rudy like determination on the field.

But this team can't afford to have off the field knuckleheads anymore.


Just tweeted by HogHaven (a Redskins Blog), Brandon Banks has had prior run-ins with law enforcement stemming from a possession and battery charge while in college.  The link is below.