Updated Dynasty Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings

Ken KellyContributor IIIFebruary 13, 2011

Chris Johnson shouldn't be considered a disappointment.
Chris Johnson shouldn't be considered a disappointment.Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Fantasy football has come and gone, and most owners are hibernating for the Winter. After all, they think spending time in the offseason isn't worth the trouble.

They're wrong.

Most hard core fantasy football players play in dynasty leagues. Some of the most crucial strategic decisions for these owners come now, not in September. After all, it's important to know the current value of the players on the rosters so they can decide to "sell high" or "buy low."

With that in mind, here's a look at the updated rankings for running backs. For all other positions, click here to visit DLF, your offseason home for fantasy football.

1. Adrian Peterson, RB, MIN

It's awful tough to knock Peterson from the top spot. He's the model of consistency and he's proven to be an absolute pillar for dynasty fantasy football owners.

2. Chris Johnson, RB, TEN

We predicted a falloff from Johnson this year, and he delivered to the dismay of many owners. However, 1,364 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns is still enough to bring a championship home. Expect similar numbers in 2012.

3. Ray Rice, RB, BAL

Like Johnson, Rice had an off season in 2011. Still, 1,800 combined yards and 63 catches is enough to make him a rock solid No. 1 running back. If McGahee bolts in free agency, the touchdowns will come.

4. Arian Foster, RB, HOU

His 2,220 combined yards, 66 receptions, and 18 touchdowns made him the MVP of the position in 2011. In a dynasty league, it's still awful tough to take him first overall. If we see one more season of production that rivals his 2011 totals, he'll challenge Adrian Peterson to be the No. 1 player in all of fantasy.

5. Maurice Jones-Drew, RB, JAX

MJD is a warrior. He played through nearly the entire season on an injured knee and still posted 1,324 rushing yards. Still just 25, he's a solid choice to build a team around.

6. Jamaal Charles, RB, KC

We recently did a dynasty debate on Charles and LeSean McCoy. Our deduction was that Charles is still a better pick based on his explosiveness and big play ability. If Thomas Jones can get out of his way, the sky is the limit.

7. Rashard Mendenhall, RB, PIT

His costly Super Bowl fumble doesn't cloud his future at all. He's a bellcow on an annually great football team. That's a recipe for success in fantasy and reality.

8. Darren McFadden, RB, OAK

The high ranking is risky, but McFadden finally showed owners what he could do in 2011. If he can stay healthy, he's a top five option.

9. Michael Turner, RB, ATL

He's one of the most difficult players to rank in a dynasty league. If you're a competitor this upcoming season, he's a buy candidate. If you're not, you need to sell him now instead of later based on his age and workload.

10. LeSean McCoy, RB, PHI

He's probably two or three spots higher in a PPR league for sure. The concern with McCoy is the presence of Michael Vick taking four or five rushing touchdowns away from him each season.

11. Frank Gore, RB, SF

The injury bug finally caught up to Gore in 2011. Unfortunately, the lack of a good quarterback dampens his potential a bit. He's also aging more rapidly than his owners would want to admit.

12. Jonathan Stewart, RB, CAR

If Stewart can finally get rid of DeAngelo Williams, we'll see just what his elite talent can do. Now, if the Panthers can just get a quarterback...

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