Super Bowl XLV: The Biggest Winners and Losers

Ishmael T.Contributor IFebruary 8, 2011

Super Bowl XLV: The Biggest Winners and Losers

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    The Big Game is over. 

    All the water-cooler analysis from Monday morning quarterbacks have ceased.  Now we can relax, right?  But before we get ready to gear up for new hopes in the NFL Draft, let's take a look at the other impacts the game had.  

    We all now by now, Green Bay won and Pittsburgh lost.  But a game this big, and with this much riding on the line, there are multiple winners and losers.

    Let's take a look at the other winners and losers of Super Bowl XLV.  

Pop Culture Winner

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    Black Eyed Peas

    With a stunning light show and a glimpse into the future of pop culture, the Black Eyed Peas put on a good show.  They even had guest appearances by Slash and Usher.    

    Though musically there have been better performances, you would be hard pressed to find a better visual display than this.

Pop Culture Loser

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    Christina Aguilera

    A dwindling career, multiple movie flops, could Super Bowl 45 give a jolt to Christina’s career?  

    I think not! 

    With butchering the Nations most loved song, she further solidified herself as yesterday’s news.

Super Bowl Host Loser

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    With ice storms and civilian injuries, we figured out quickly how weather could impact the big game. 

    Yes, Dallas has a dome, but the conditions made it difficult for many to enjoy the world’s biggest game.  It almost seemed as if the staff did not prepare sufficiently enough for possible weather conditions.

Super Bowl Host Winner

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    New York

    Ok, this may be a stretch—but listen.   With the missteps in Dallas, New York has more information to help them prepare for when they host the Super Bowl.  Having the biggest game in the biggest city could be a match made in Heaven. 

    Or it can be disaster if New York gets hit with a blizzard.  But at least, with the follies in Dallas, New York can learn from their mistakes.

Quarterback Legacy Winner

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    Aaron Rodgers

    The golden boy now has a golden ring.   With this win, Aaron now has credibility as being one of the best players in the game today.  You can now mention his name with Manning and Brady, as to who is the best. 

    With a quick release and dead-on accuracy, and now a ring to match, some may say he is the best. 

Quarterback Legacy Loser

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    Brett Favre

    With one interview question from Deion Sanders on Media Day, it was confirmed that Brett was not the man we perceived in Green Bay.  Deion asked Aaron if Brett had reached out to him before the game. 

    The answer—no. 

    The response from Primetime, that’s all I needed to know.   At the end of the game, we should have saw Brett run out and embrace Aaron.  A passing of the torch. 

    Instead, we come to the conclusion that No. 4 was a good player, but also a jerk.

NFL Executive Loser

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    Jerry Jones

    400 fans were denied, entrances were closed, and the commercials were marginal.  Ok, the commercials were not his fault, but the first two, he had direct control over. 

    Even if you are hosting a party at your house, you attempt to accommodate those that are inconvenienced.  A veggie burger for your vegan pal, for example. 

    400-plus fans told they can watch the game in the stadium bar.  Rediculous.

NFL Executive Winner

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    Roger Goodell

    With all the criticism of making the league softer, Mr, Goodell pressed passed the naysayers and delivered a quality product.   The season was intriguing, and the playoffs were exciting. 

    All of the changes that were made ended up proving good.  One can only hope that with more changes coming down the pipeline(extended season, games overseas), he will have the same success.