Baltimore Ravens: Firing Jim Zorn Does Not Sit Well With Franchise QB

Alan ZlotorzynskiCorrespondent IIIJanuary 31, 2011

Zorn and Flacco
Zorn and FlaccoLarry French/Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens made a mistake that may hurt them now and in the future when they released quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn last week.

Joe Flacco, the Ravens third year signal caller gave his stamp of approval for Zorn to head coach John Harbaugh and team Owner Steven Bisciotti in the end of the year meetings.

Flacco stated that he believed that Zorn's job would be safe at the conclusion of the meetings and was shocked when he learned of Zorn's firing.

"I'm not happy about it, and they know I'm not happy about it," Flacco told The Baltimore Sun. "I'm not going to be happy about it for a long time."

Flacco believes that the Ravens brass simply shrugged him off and did not value his opinion and that made Flacco very upset. He is the franchise quarterback and his say should have mattered.

"I'm kind of taking it personal," Flacco told Baltimore Suns Ravens beat writer Jamison Hensley. "You're saying that you're not happy with the position. I'm not sure if there is any truth to that, but that's the vibe you're sending to your quarterback. I feel like I'm being attacked."

Flacco is normally quiet and mild mannered so the Ravens should take note of his unhappiness. According to the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens fired Zorn because of philosophical differences between offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and Jim Zorn.

Flacco saw Zorn as a guy that has played the position at high level and he trusted him, valued his opinion.

I believe I benefited from him as a player," Flacco said in an interview with Baltimore Sun Ravens reporter, Jamison Hensley. Flacco continued saying, "He helped me play with confidence. Come Sunday, he had me prepared to play against any defense. He was a big part of the offense."

Flacco struggled at times this year but had his best season since he started week one of his rookie season.

Flacco ranked in the top 11 in the NFL in completion percentage, passing yards and touchdowns. He was seventh overall in passer rating, finishing higher than great quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Drew Brees.

Flacco set a Ravens postseason record with a 115.4 quarterback rating against the Kansas City Chiefs during the wild card round of the playoffs.

This is not a good sign Ravens fans and while this will blow over well before Flacco takes another snap, he may not forget something like this come extension time. If you expect this guy to be your franchise QB, then you must trust him and value his opinion. 

You want him to grow up and be a leader, but when you ask for his input and brush it aside which is exactly what the Ravens did when they fired Zorn, it is not a good sign for things to come. For the sake of keeping your franchise QB happy, Zorn should have been kept.

If Brady, Manning or Brees wants a QB coach you can bet your sweet crab cake he is not fired. This was a bad move by Jim Harbaugh and Ravens management. A move they may come to regret, sooner and later.

Let us just hope it is not on the field next year in Flacco’s performance.  The Ravens will have a tough enough time replacing many lost free agents this off-season much less worry about a regression from Joe Flacco next season.