Top 25 MLB Offseason Transactions For Players in New Colors for 2011

Ryan WolcottContributor IIJanuary 20, 2011

Top 25 MLB Offseason Transactions For Players In New Colors For 2011

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    This offseason has seen a number of multi-million dollar transactions. Many of those deals were teams re-signing players who were on their team in 2010, such as Jorge De La Rosa by for the Rockies for two-years at $21.5MM, Aubrey Huff by the Giants for two-years at $22MM, Derek Jeter by the Yankees for three-years at $51MM, Paul Konerko by the White Six for three-years at $37.5MM, Hiroki Kuroda by the Dodgers for one-year at $12MM, and Mariano Rivera by the Yankees for two-years at $30MM.

    Even though the last of these players had contact with a division, and probably the oldest, rivalry team, these players did sign with the team that signed their paycheck at the end of 2010.

    Many players who were part of the 2010-2011 offseason dealings will, however, be wearing different colors for the 2011. Some of these players will be wearing the colors of a team not so far from where they finished their season in 2010 and will be forced to play their formal team as a new rival team.

    Between all of the free agent signings and the big trades, this is the ranking biggest transactions of players who changed teams during this offseason.

25. Aaron Harang

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    Aaron Harang was a Cincinnati Red in 2010 but will be playing for the San Diego Padres for at least the 2011 season. He was signed by the Padres for a one-year deal at $4MM.

    2010 Stats:

    5.32 ERA, 6-7 Record, 82 K's, 38 BB's, 1.59 WHIP

24. Pedro Feliciano

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    Pedro Feliciano has spent his career so far in New York, which wont change in 2011. However, he will be trading in the blue of the Mets for the darker blue of the Yankees as the Yankees signed him for a two-year contract at $8MM.

    2010 Stats:

    3.30 ERA, 3-6 Record, 56 K's, 38 BB's, 1.53 WHIP

23. Jon Garland

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    Jon Garland spent 2010 as a San Diego Padre, but he was signed this offseason by the division rival LA Dodgers for the 2011 season at $5MM. We will see how he fares against his former team if the rotation falls that he pitches against the Padres in 2011.

    2010 Stats:

    3.47 ERA, 14-12 Record, 136 K's, 87 BB's, 1.32 WHIP

22. Scott Downs

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    Scott Downs spent the 2010 season as a Toronto Blue Jay, but he was signed by the LA Angels for three-years at $15MM. He will not be leaving the American League but at least will not be forced to in his former teams division, the team he play for during the past six seasons.

    2010 Stats:

    2.64 ERA, 5-5 Record, 48 K's, 14 BB's, 0.99 WHIP

21. Derrek Lee

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    Derrek Lee will be moving a short distance up the east coast from Atlanta to Baltimore. Lee has bounced back and forth between the Cubs and the Braves but will now settle in the American League for the Orioles. He was signed for one-year by $7.5MM.

    2010 Stats:

    .260 BA, 19 HR, 80 RBI, .347 OBP, .428 SLG

20. Orlando Hudson

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    The San Diego Padres lost many players during this offseason, most notably Adrian Gonzalez. However, the Padres were able to acquire Orlando Hudson who played for the Minnesota Twins in 2010. Hudson will not have his 2010 team as a rival, as he swapped from the American to the National League. He was signed for two-years at $11.5MM.

    2010 Stats:

    .268 BA, 6 HR, 37 RBI, .338 OBP, .372 SLG

19. Shaun Marcum

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    Shaun Marcum has spent his professional career as a Toronto Blue Jay. He will be playing for the National League for the 2011 season however, as he was acquired by the Milwaukee Brewers in a trade this offseason.

    2010 Stats:

    3.64 ERA, 13-8 Record, 165 K's, 43 BB's, 1.15 WHIP

18. Bradon Webb

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    After not being able to resign Cliff Lee this offseason, the Rangers needed to fill the hole he left. Brandon Webb was thus acquired by the Rangers to be the fifth man in their rotation. Webb spent the 2010 season and his professional career thus far as a Diamondback.

    2009 Stats:

    13.50 ERA, 0-0 Record, 2K's, 2 BB's, 2.00 WHIP

17. Carlos Pena

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    In all of the 2010 offseason, the Tampa Bay Rays were probably the biggest losers. Amongst their losses was Carlos Pena, who was signed from free agency by the Chicago Cubs for one-year at $10MM. Pena will be joined by a familiar face on the mound next year who will be seen later.

    2010 Stats:

    .196 BA, 28 HR, 84 RBI, .325 OBP, .407 SLG

16. Hisanori Takahasi

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    Hisanori Takahashi was a starting pitcher for the New York Mets through the 2010 season. He was acquired by the LA Angels for a two-year deal at $8MM. Even though Takahashi is 35 years-old, the 2011 season will only be his second season in the majors.

    2010 Stats:

    3.62 ERA, 10-6 Record, 114 K's, 43 BB's, 1.30 WHIP

15. J.J. Putz

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    J.J. Putz will be moving from the windy city playing for the White Sox to the sultry sun of the Arizona desert. He was acquired by the Diamondbacks for a two-year deal at $10MM.

    2010 Stats:

    2.83 ERA, 7-5 Record, 65 K's, 15 BB's, 1.04 WHIP

14. Kerry Wood

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    Kerry Wood will be returning to the Chicago Cubs for the 2011 season after having spent 2010 as a Yankee and two years prior to that in the American League. The rest of his career was spent playing for the Cubs, who signed him for 2011 at $1.5MM.

    2010 Stats:

    3.13 ERA, 3-4 Record, 49 K's, 29 BB's, 1.39 WHIP

13. Javier Vazquez

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    The Yankees went all-in to sign Cliff Lee, who denied him. WIth Andy Pettitte still deciding on retirement or returning, the Yankees' starting rotation approaching the 2011 season has been quite questionable. This was exacerbated when the Florida Marlins signed Javier Vazquez for a one-year $7MM contract.

    2010 Stats:

    5.32 ERA, 10-10 Record, 121 K's, 65 BB's, 1.40 WHIP

12. Victor Martinez

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    Victor Martinez will be staying in the American League but swapping divisions for the 2011 season, as he was signed by the Detroit Tigers after having spent 2010 and part of 2009 in Boston. The Tigers signed Martinez for four-years at $50MM.

    2010 Stats:

    .302 BA, 20 HR, 79 RBI, .351 OBP, .493 SLG

11. Adam Dunn

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    Another team that went all-in this offseason with not much to show from it was the Washington Nationals, who lost Adam Dunn to free agency when the Chicago White Sox signed him for four-years at $56MM.

    2010 Stats:

    .260 BA, 38 HR, 103 RBI, .356 OBP, .536 SLG

10. Miguel Tejada

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    The NL West was involved in a bit of a shuffle of big-name infielders. Part of that shuffle involved San Diego losing Miguel Tejada to free agency when he signed with the San Francisco Giants for the 2011 season at $6.5MM. Tejada has bounced around the league for a while, and this coming year, he will definitely has a chance to play against last year's team.

    2010 Stats:

    .269 BA, 15 HR, 71 RBI, .312  OBP, 381 SLG

9. Juan Uribe

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    Another part of the infielder shuffle that was previously mentioned was when the San Francisco Giants lost Juan Uribe to free agency when he signed with the LA Dodgers three-years at $21MM. Although Uribe helped the Giants win the World Series in 2010, he will be facing them this season when the division rivals match off with one another.

    2010 Stats:

    .248 BA, 24 HR, 85 RBI, .310 OBP, .440 SLG

8. Dan Uggla

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    Dan Uggla has spent his entire career as a Florida Marlin, but this offseason, he was traded to the division rival Atlanta Braves. He will definitely be playing against his former team as these division rivals will face each other several times this season.

    2010 Stats:

    .287 BA, 33 HR, 105 RBI, .369 OBP, .508 SLG

7. Zack Greinke

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    Zack Greinke was acquired by the Milwaukee Brewers through a trade with the Kansas City Royals. Greinke was the much desired pitcher on the market once Cliff Lee was removed from it. Greinke had also denied the Yankees during the dealings.

    2010 Stats:

    4.17 ERA, 10-14 Record, 181 K's, 55 BB's, 1.25 WHIP

6. Matt Garza

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    Matt Garza was acquired through trade by the Chicago Cubs from the Tampa Bay Rays. Garza will be able to join his former teammate Pena for the 2011 season. 2011 will show how Garza fares when he pitches to eight hitters and a pitcher, not a designated hitter since he is moving from the American League to the National League for the first time.

    2010 Stats:

    3.91 ERA, 15-10 Record, 150 K's, 63 BB's, 1.25 WHIP

5. Adrian Gonzalez

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    Adrian Gonzalez was traded from the San Diego Padres to the Boston Red Sox this offseason. The Red Sox made several changes this offseason and will find themselves in two spots of the top five of this article, perhaps making them the best offensive team for 2011.

    2010 Stats:

    .298 BA, 31 HR, 101 RBI, .393 OBP, 511 SLG

4. Adrian Beltre

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    Mike Stobe/Getty Images

    Adrian Beltre was one weapon that the Red Sox did lose this offseason when he signed with the Texas Rangers. Beltre is not leaving the American League; he is just swapping divisions for the 2011 season.

    2010 Stats:

    .321 BA, 28 HR, 102 RBI, .365 OBP, .553 SLG

3. Carl Crawford

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    Carl Crawford was a certain highlight of the 2010 offseason, as he got the Red Sox to offer him the highest paying contract of $142MM for seven-years. Crawford is moving north from his formal home in Tampa Bay to play for the formal division rival Red Sox. Crawford will certainly see the team that he spent his entire professional career with thus far in the 2011 season.

    2010 Stats:

    .307 BA, 19 HR, 90 RBI, .356 OBP, .495 SLG

2. Jayson Werth

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    I think we had enough of the gains and losses of the Red Sox in the top five spots, so let's look at the loss and gain of the Philadelphia Phillies, as they are two of the biggest transactions of this offseason. Jayson Werth became a free agent after this season concluded and signed the first mega-million dollar contract when he signed a $126MM contract for six-years with the division rival Washington Nationals. Ironically, if Werth had not taken that deal when he did, it would not have made room for the unquestioningly biggest transaction of this offseason.

    2010 Stats:

    .296 BA, 27 HR, 85 RBI, .388 OBP, .532 SLG

1. Cliff Lee

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    When Cliff Lee signed with Philadelphia Phillies this offseason, the whole baseball world shook. That deal shocked baseball, as he left millions of dollars on the table from the Rangers and the Yankees. Everyone expected Lee to sign with the Yankees, everyone except perhaps Lee himself, as he chose to play for a team that he liked and felt comfortable. The addition of Lee gave the Phillies the best rotation in baseball for 2011, and this deal shaped essentially the rest of the deals for the entire offseason.

    2010 Stats:

    3.18 ERA, 12-9 Record, 185 K's, BB's, 1.00 WHIP