Seattle Seahawks Fans, Be Proud of This Team: You Too, Seattle Times Reporters

Seattle Lion FanAnalyst IIJanuary 18, 2011

Despite being ousted from the playoffs, fans should be proud of Pete Carroll and the Seahawks.
Despite being ousted from the playoffs, fans should be proud of Pete Carroll and the Seahawks.Andy Lyons/Getty Images

I haven't written many articles about the Seahawks, since my allegiance lies with the Detroit Lions, as I grew up in Detroit.

But I have kept up with the Hawks, watching them on TV just about every game, and I do pull for them to do well.

After reading some articles in the Seattle Times, such as Steve Kelly's Sunday column, as well as Bleacher Report's own Michael Cahill's slide show and Kevin Nesgoda's article, it seems to me that simply because the Seahawks finished 7-9, they didn't deserve to be in the playoffs.

Let's face facts:

1.  The Seahawks accomplished what every team in the NFL wants:  To make the playoffs.  There are 20 teams that didn't make it that would trade with the Seahawks in a minute.

2.  The Seahawks have better record (1-1) in these playoffs then the Colts, Patriots, Saints and Falcons.

3.  They are in a woefully weak division, the NFC West.  It should have come as no surprise they were able to take the division with a 7-9 record.  They won the games they needed to win to qualify.

Being a Detroit Lions fan, I have been able to offset some of the futility of my home town team.  I've been a resident of the Seattle area since 1990.  And while the Lions enjoyed some modicum of success during the 90s, they failed to get past the first round of any playoff year, with the exception of 1991.  They were one game away from the Super Bowl.

The Seahawks made the Super Bowl in 2005, played in my hometown of Detroit and were royally ripped off.  My conspiracy theory side of me believes the Steelers were supposed to win to give Detroit-native Jerome Bettis a storybook ending to his career.

Trust me, as a suffering Lions fan, Seahawks have not faced futility such as the Lions have.  Hawks last appearance in the playoffs prior to this year was a mere three years ago, which concluded with four straight NFC division crowns, something a lot of teams out there can't claim.

Lions last playoff appearance?  Eleven years ago.  Last time they took a division title? Seventeen years ago and lost to the Green Bay Packers, at home.

So, despite the issues that the Seahawks need to address to contend next year, they are no way in the gloom and doom situation that has been written about them.

I am proud to be a Detroit Lions fan and I am proud to be a Seahawks fan, and the 2010 season should be viewed as a success and as something to build on.