Tennessee Titans: 5 Quarterbacks Who Could Replace Vince Young In 2011

Blaize PenningtonCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2011

NASHVILLE, TN - NOVEMBER 21:  Lorenzo Alexander #97 of the Washington Redskins forces a fumble by quarterback Vince Young #10 of the Tennessee Titans during the first half at LP Field on November 21, 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee.  (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Grant Halverson/Getty Images

With the recent announcement from the Titans’ owner Bud Adams saying Vince Young would no longer be apart of the team, the Titans must look forward to who their future will be.

The Titans are in a weird spot, because while the quarterback is a question mark, the rest of the team is good enough to win.  This means whoever takes over the starting position is going to be expected to win immediately.

Here is a list of five quarterbacks who may be under center for the Titans next year. They are in no particular order of rank.

1. NFL Draft Pick

With Andrew Luck staying in school another year, the quarterback class of 2011 got a lot thinner.  Blaine Gabbert looks to be the number one quarterback in the draft, but not far behind him is Cam Newton, Ryan Mallett, and Jake Locker.

I do not see the Tennessee Titans starting a rookie at the beginning of the year but, if the season starts to go downhill, one of these guys could get some great playing time.

2. Kerry Collins

Kerry Collins’ contract with the Tennessee Titans is up, but the Titans will want him back. He already knows the offense and if the Titans do go quarterback in the first round, Collins would be a great guy to learn from.

It would not surprise me to see Collins starting for the Titans next year as he is “Fisher’s guy.” However, Collins will not be the guy that wins Tennessee a Super Bowl.

3. Donovan McNabb

This was a lot more likely before the Washington Redskins buffed up McNabb’s contract. The Titans are interested in getting Haynesworth, and McNabb would have been great for a package deal.

The Titans may just wait until the Redskins have to release McNabb to try and pick him up. The Titans are not known for absorbing overpaid players…. well until Randy Moss.

4. Kyle Orton

There is a very tricky situation in Denver. The Broncos seemed to have given up on Kyle Orton and let Tebow take the reins. Now depending on what the new head coach does, Orton may be on the trade block.

Orton will not be the future of the Titans, but he could provide some time while the Titans groom their future quarterback.

5. Kevin Kolb

It will take a lot to get the Eagles to let go of Kevin Kolb but, if he makes enough ruckus to try and get out of there, the Titans may be able to get him cheap.

The Titans will not give away anything higher than a 3rd round draft pick for Kolb. The Eagles will not take anything less than a 2nd rounder for Kolb. So unless his agent talks them into it, Kolb will probably still be an Eagle next year.

Other Considerations:
Matt Moore, Matt Flynn, Jake Delhomme, Shaun Hill, Matt Leinert, and Alex Smith.

If the Titans do go with one of the veteran quarterbacks here is a list of 5 Players the Titans Could Draft Who Are Not Quarterbacks.

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