Donovan McNabb Rumors: Is He Returning To Philadelphia To Back Up Michael Vick?

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Donovan McNabb Rumors: Is He Returning To Philadelphia To Back Up Michael Vick?
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Today the Philadelphia Eagles will announce that they’ve reacquired Donovan McNabb from the Washington Redskins for a six-pack of Yuenling Lager and an autographed Freddie Mitchell jersey.

OK, the first sentence of this article is fabricated for your enjoyment, but the notion of McNabb returning to Philly isn’t as far-fetched as you think. It was reported today that the “Kolb Era,” which never actually took place, most likely will come to an end when the Eagles put a franchise tag on this season’s savior Michael Vick.

Kolb wants to start in Philly or wants to be traded. The Eagles will then be in the market for a new backup quarterback. Chances are the Eagles will get a few picks for him in which they could use to build up their defense OR could possibly trade for a QB.

Is McNabb out of the question? Is he at the point in his career that he realizes there’s not much gas left in the tank? Could his humbling stint in Washington have been the celebrity rehab type of experience he needed to become the veteran team player the Eagles need holding the clipboard on the sideline?

The jury is out on whether or not McNabb can actually still play. His legs are non-existent and his arm has gotten weaker and a little chubbier over the years.

It wasn’t too long ago that Randall Cunningham was out of football and laying floors in Arizona. He was given the chance to come back to the NFL in a Vikings uniform and surprised just as many people then as Michael Vick has this year. He was a running quarterback in his first NFL tour of duty but came back throwing for the Vikings to defeat the New York football Giants in the NFC Wild Card game by one point.

McNabb back to the Birds?

Cunningham’s situation is similar to the one McNabb finds himself in today. He hit rock bottom and the only thing to do was work hard for another chance. With Kolb’s pending exit looming over the organization they’ll need to fill his roster spot. McNabb could perhaps return to his old stomping grounds as a backup. Stranger things have happened in the football world, especially in Philly.

This article was also published here: Philly Sports God Blog

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