Jon Gruden: Why He Won't Coach the Indianapolis Colts in 2011

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Jon Gruden: Why He Won't Coach the Indianapolis Colts in 2011
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Speculation has continued on early Sunday about Jon Gruden as rumors have begun of him becoming the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts after the Colts' early exit in the playoffs against the New York Jets.

The idea was first brought up by senior writer Jason Whitlock, who a short while ago stated his belief of Gruden becoming the next head coach.

"Prediction: Jon Gruden is named coach of the Colts within a month. Manning window closing and can't leave it to an amateur."

Whitlock is well-known for making sarcastic posts on Twitter, but he does sound serious in the possibility and has begun to disagree with a few fans who have already come out to voice their disagreement.

Whether joking or not, I do not see Jon Gruden joining Peyton Manning on the sidelines as head coach.

Colts owner Bill Polian will not be making any change involving the head coach. Caldwell has been a part of the Colts coaching staff for quite some time and was set to be the heir for the job once Tony Dungy announced his retirement.

Looking through the mind of Bill Polian, there isn't much reason to fire Caldwell. Granted, some of the calls Caldwell made throughout the season did cost the Colts a few games.

However, Indianapolis was one of the more injury-plagued teams in the league, especially on offense with Dallas Clark and Austin Collie missing the majority of the season.

Indianapolis is one season removed from a Super Bowl appearance, and despite the roster Dungy still had in place, Caldwell made some changes that helped improve the team as well.

Call me the first writer to put these rumors to rest, but I can say without a doubt that a head coaching change is highly unlikely, erasing any speculation that Gruden will be the next person to lead the Colts.

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