Edgar Renteria To the Reds and What It Means To the Giants and Pablo Sandoval

Jonathan ParkContributor IJanuary 7, 2011

Edgar now a Red?
Edgar now a Red?Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Word out today is that 2010 World Series MVP Edgar Renteria is to sign with the Cincinnati Reds for one-year, $3M deal.

This comes month removed from the Giants' offer of one-year $1M, which he called, "a lack of respect." He added, "To play for a million dollars, I'd rather stay with my private business and share more time with my family. Thank God I'm well off financially and my money is well invested."

Then why does it matter whether you sign for $1M or $3M?

It's obvious that it was the money. Coming back to a winning team like the Giants to go back to the playoff and perhaps make it back to the 2011 World Series clearly wasn't one of his top priorities. Heck, to his credit, the man has two World Series rings to show for it. Two more than a lot of all-star caliber players out there.

Edgar could care less whether he plays for a contending team or not.

This is why I have mad respect for players like J.T. Snow, who shows loyalty to a team and took a huge pay-cut to come back with the Giants.

Granted, Edgar only played with the Giants for two years and perhaps there is no loyalty or love there. But it says a lot about a person who shows gratitude to a team who signed a aging and a declining player.

In addition, Edgar only played 72 games receiving a $9M paycheck in 2010. $2M difference—now was that really a lack of respect, Edgar?

Regardless, Edgar is gone; so is Juan Uribe, who was a vital part of the Giants offense and the postseason run.

Now, what does this mean to the Giants in 2011?

Losing Edgar doesn't mean much at all to the Giants than losing Uribe. Really, the Giants were looking to sign Edgar as a backup shortstop. There are other decent players available that can warm the bench and give high-fives, namely Orlando Cabrera and Ramon Santiago.

Defensively, the Giants have Miguel Tejada to fill the shortstop spot. Playing 156 games for the Orioles and the Padres respectively, is more reliable at the spot than Edgar was.

Offensively, the numbers Uribe put up is more than what Miggy's done. But don't let the numbers fool you.

There is a huge difference in his stats between the two teams he played for last year. Playing with the Padres, Miggy flourished, matching his stats with the Orioles in half the at-bats playing for the Padres. Perhaps playing for the contending team, NL West leader had him playing harder. For what he was hungry for and wanted to reach, the World Series ring.

I have no doubt Miggy will be playing with the same intensity this year for the Giants.

So you ask, what does Pablo Sandoval got to do with this?

There is a whole lot riding on Pablo and his off-season approach for the success of the Giants' 2011 season. Without Uribe's versatility and the bat to cover third base, Pablo needs to man that corner.

From his breakout year in 2009, last year was dismal at best. With so much expectations for him to continue his success from 2009 to 2010, fans were disappointed to say the least.

Most people pointed fingers at the obvious; From personal matters like divorce and San Bruno gas explosion where his place went up in flames to his weight issue. There is a lot to say about a player's performance which rides on their physical ability but also a lot rides on a player's mental stability—mental issues which includes his personal matters, I think it's something he had to get over. Because of it, his weight became an issue, in my humble opinion. 

It is reported that he is staying in Arizona, near the Giants trainers (of his own will) to work on his weight issue and train. There are reports out there of Pablo losing 10 to 15 pounds. The man is 5'11" reportedly weighing in at 245 pounds, but I am not so sure on that number. In 2010, Pablo came into spring training weighing in at a whopping 262 pounds. Which is said to be 15 pounds less than his playing weight during his breakout offensive year of 2009.

This reassures me that his weight has nothing to do with his bad offensive production last season; it's more his mental issue, having to deal with personal ordeals.

If you've watched Pablo play defense last year or even during his postseason appearance, it's obvious that his weight is a huge issue in playing third-base. Numerous times, he threw over Aubrey Huff's head at first-base because of getting to the ball late and having to rush his throws.

His massive body running towards short grounders made you feel uncomfortable, like watching a horrible car accident about to happen. Heavy footed, you'd think it was Bengie Molina playing at third.

With Mark De Rosa healthy to come back this season, he can help Pablo man third-base. But if the Giants can get the lightweight, nimble Pablo Sandoval and the offense that was 2009, the Giants would have pretty potent fire power up and down their lineup, along with pretty solid defense.

Maybe even a hopeful phenom Brandon Belt would make some noise at the spring training this March, the Giants would be very solid.

With two months left 'til we hear "play ball" ring out in Arizona, the Giants and their fans have a lot to look forward to. Perhaps "less" to look forward to in Pablo.

Either way, it will be an interesting 2011 for the Giants.


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