San Diego Chargers: Keys To Restoring the Blue and Gold

Garrett JamesContributor IJanuary 5, 2011

Philip Rivers looks like he's tired with perennial choking.
Philip Rivers looks like he's tired with perennial choking.Harry How/Getty Images

We've learned about many problems the Chargers have had this season. Special teams should be one of them. However, you can't put the blame entirely on special teams. They don't play all 60 minutes. In fact, the Chargers killed themselves with turnovers.

The whole reason the Chiefs won the division was because of their lack of turnovers. In the end, winning and losing games comes down to one thing: turnovers.

Another problem was leadership. The Chargers have lacked a leader since the days of Junior Seau and Rodney Harrison. This team needs to acquire the "smash-mouth" style of football that has done wonders for the Ravens, Steelers, Saints and Jets.

The Chargers lack intensity: alas they have a coach who barely ever gives a speech or says a word about what's going on in games. Now, I do think Norv does deserve blame as much as the players themselves, but when you look at coaches who actually tell their players about their problems, the player looks to improve on that specific problem and comes back better than he previously was.

Finally, the biggest problem the Chargers had was inconsistency. You see teams like New England and wonder why they have 3 Super Bowls and why they have those 14-2 records is because they have consistent on-the-field play. The Chargers played consistent in 2006 and got that record but in the end, the thing that made them one-and-done was a fumble by a DB that led to a game-winning TD in the divisional round of the playoffs.

When you look at the Chargers, you see talent and potential to win many Super Bowls. Using that potential has been a problem for the Chargers. For the last 5 years, it has seemed they have almost been a farm-team. In 2011, the Chargers look to rebuild, draft key players and sign key players. If it all pans out,, we're looking at a dangerous San Diego team and I'm pretty sure other teams don't want that.