Oakland Raiders Humiliate the Kansas City Chiefs To Go 6-0 Against AFC West

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIJanuary 2, 2011

Oakland Raiders prove that wrong team made playoffs 31-10
Oakland Raiders prove that wrong team made playoffs 31-10Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Oakland Raiders "manhandled' the Kansas City Chiefs in a 31-10 blowout.The Silver and Black Attack not only won this game but they punished QB Matt Cassel so badly that he was replaced in the fourth quarter by third string QB Tyler Palko. In fact, by the third quarter the Kansas City Chief fans began emptying the stadium leaving the Oakland Raiders fans alone to cheer on their team.

The Oakland Raiders are the only team in NFL history to go 6-0 against their division and not make it to the playoffs. They have an 8-8 record which hadn't been seen since their appearance in the Superbowl in 2002 This is really to bad news for the division since it appears the wrong team is in the playoffs to represent the AFC West.

For the Kansas City Chiefs, the loss means that they will now play the Baltimore Ravens who will play as hard and physical as the Silver and Black. Do not be surprised if the Kansas City Chiefs lose next week, becoming the only team to make the playoffs and then lose in the first round. At this point they have done it six times. A loss to the Ravens will make it seven. It's great news, however, for the Raider Nation, since the Oakland Raiders have a chance to represent next year. Go Ravens.

Rookie WR Jacoby Ford, who defeated the Chiefs a few weeks back, had a touchdown on a reverse that was assisted with a block by QB Jason Campbell. Jacoby Ford has become a stellar player for the Oakland Raiders and although this season is over, Ford had a great season with three TD returns, the longest being a 101 yarder. Jacoby Ford  was the fastest at the NFL combine recording a 4.26 40-yard dash, the fastest, so he was an Al Davis favorite.

Michael Bush was the primary running back as Darren McFadden was sidelined with a toe injury. Michael Bush pounded 137 yards at the Chiefs defensive line and eventually broke away to get his TD.

Although Darren McFadden did not play he was invited to the Pro Bowl as an alternate this season. Darren McFadden has rushed for 1,157 yards this season, the fifth most in Silver and Black history.

Rarely seen WR Chaz Schilens was able to catch a five-yard TD pass from Jason Campbell to start the beating in KC. Chaz Schilens is a great receiver when he is able to play, but because of injuries and unreliability it is doubtful he will be in the Oakland Raider lineup next season.

Stanford Routt, however, had a great interception from Chiefs WR McCluster. He intercepted the pass from a banged up Matt Cassel and then ran it in 22 yards for another Oakland Raiders TD !

A lot of players for the Silver and Black stepped up this season, such as Michael Huff, who put a stadium echoing hit on Dwayne Bowe today.Michael huff was at one time considered a bust  but has played hard for coach Tom Cable.

 Tyvon Branch has played well from game one this season. He recorded an astounding 104 tackles and four sacks this season ! Tommy Kelly, whom Warren Sapp praised for becoming a top lineman, tied Richard Seymour with seven sacks this season. He currently ranks second among NFL defensive tackles and was also invited as an alternate in this years Pro Bowl. This is what Tom Cable has brought to the team, they seem to play hard for him and respect his goals for the Raiders.

The Oakland Raiders have a bright future and there are a lot of questions surrounding the team after today's win. The first of course being the retaining of coach Tom Cable.

 The Oakland Raiders have a reputation of hiring and releasing coaches more than any other team, in fact five coaches since 2003, and with the turn around I believe there is balance. It makes no sense to release a coach that has improved the Oakland Raiders play. Tom Cable has turned this team around and with Hue Jacksons help the Raiders improved greatly this season.

  Tom Cable replaced Lane Kiffin and after being named head coach by Al Davis. Tom Cable has proved himself a winner for the team. He is also the coach that wanted JaMarcus Russell benched when it was obvious he had no NFL talent, but would prosper in a pop warnor lineup.

 There has also been some speculation (Adam Shefter a.k.a. Raider Hater) that Hue Jackson will replace Tom Cable. Tom Cable will more than likely remain the head coach since he has helped this organization get to its feet and also for the stability. As mentioned before, it is all speculation.

Hue Jackson has done a great job this season and hopefully Al Davis will be able to keep him as coach but for many, including this writer, Tom Cable is the man for the job.

The next time the Raider Nation will have an opportunity to see its players on the gridiron will be in Hawaii at the Pro Bowl. Jacoby Ford is a standout this season and should have made the Pro Bowl alongside Shane Lechler, Nnamndi Asomugha, and Richard Seymour.

The Oakland Raiders organization has a lot to be proud of this season. The team drafted well in 2010 adding LaMaar Houston, Jason Veldheer and Rolando McClain. Next year's draft should be exciting to watch.

I would hope that the Oakland Raiders would go after a young QB to replace Kyle Boller, so that he can train and learn. Every time Kyle Boller gets control of the offense it gets very scary.

  The Oakland Raiders could also use a stellar cornerback to complement Asomugha. Chris Johnson had been burned multiple times this season and if the Silver and Black can draft players like Charles Woodson and Asomugha then theres a legitimate chance they will find another elite CB .

 Finally the Oakland Raiders could also use an offensive lineman to give QB Jason Campbell that extra second in the pocket.

Richard Seymour was signed for a one year contract so hopefully the Oakland Raiders can match anyone's payment and keep Seymour. He was the base for the Silver and Black Attack and if he leaves, well, let's hope there's a beast out there in the draft.

The Oakland Raiders are making huge strides in the right direction and for their fans. It's great to walk up to rival fans and say, "The Oakland Raiders defeated your team twice this season."  The San Diego Chargers fans especially! Way to go Oakland Raiders. Next year, they will make the playoffs and possibly even take the Super Bowl with coach Tom Cable. Thanks for a great turnaround Al Davis and Tom Cable !!!