Whiner 49ers Fans Need To Stop Crying In Their Beer

Glenn Franco Simmons@fotodifrancoAnalyst IDecember 30, 2010

Stop whining, Niners fans, and look for the positives, like Frank Gore.
Stop whining, Niners fans, and look for the positives, like Frank Gore.Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

I'm not one for making New Year's resolutions, but this year I wish 49ers fans would make a collective one:

We will stop whining.

Find the positive in the fact that Jed York is a breath of fresh air compared to the organizational debacle that characterized his parents' mismanagement of the team.

Read and listen to 49ers news from sources other than the mostly tired, soured, negative Bay Area newspaper columnists, and the often sophomoric KNBR and other stations' radio hosts/"reporters" who mostly fill the air with idle chatter and cheap grade-school attempts at humor.

Listen to Sirius NFL Radio's interview with Jed York yesterday, and listen to Sirius' hosts on a regular basis, and you will quickly and clearly understand my point about reasoned criticism. (More on that later.)

Take comfort in the fact that these same types of columnists and radio hosts—some of whom were around years ago bamboozling the fan base with the same mockery of a team they are paid to hate—once told us the sky was falling in the Bill Walsh/George Seifert, Joe Montana/Steve Young, John McVey/Carmen Policy, Wendell Tyler/Roger Craig, Freddie Solomon/Jerry Rice, and Eddie DeBartolo eras.

Also, this is especially for the younger 49ers fans who were born during or after the Super Bowl runs. You need to realize that after an early playoff run in the early 1970s, the 49ers imploded. I suffered throught that era, too.

Here is San Francisco's dismal record during that period, comparable to the debacle of the 2000s:

1973     5     9     0
1974     6     8     0
1975     5     9     0
1976     8     6     0
1977     5     9     0
1978     2     14     0 (Bill Walsh/Eddie DeBartolo era started its first full season)
1979     2     14     0
1980     6     10     0

Remember that it was the third year of Eddie DeBartolo's ownership that the team started to turn it around.

Thank goodness for Montana and Walsh, eh?

And, 49ers fans, stop the Lowell Cohn crazy talk of Jed York lying to media and fans about the GM hiring process. Let's not carry that silly story into the new year.

Instead, listen to the sober analysis of Rich Gannon on Sirius NFL Radio. Gannon directly addressed Cohn's delusional and paranoid version of reality today when he said that even if York was thinking of hiring Trent Baalke, he still needs to do due diligence by checking with knowledgable NFL sources.

(Gannon did not mention Cohn by name, of course, because Gannon most likely ignores the crank's birdcage liner.)

Perhaps during this due diligence, York's viewpoint, if he favors Baalke, as it appears he does, could be changed, either more in favor, or perhaps to cast Baalke out of contention.

Cohn, in his endeavor to cast York in the worst-possible light, ignores such hiring realities that occur in many business environments.

That is called conducting a search, Lowell. As an employer, and I have been one and hired dozens of employees, you often have a candidate in mind, but to make sure, you consult, you search, you do due diligence.

Cohn would rather deal in conspiracy theories, however, as evidenced by his now-infamous and childish KNBR interview.

So, 49ers fans, please table the Lowell Cohn cranky conspiracy theory that at least one sophomoric KNBR moron repeated this morning.

That conspiracy-mongering prompted me to switch on my Sirius NFL receiver this morning, only to hear Gannon address the same issue in a sober analysis, as I already stated. Talk about serendipity, not to mention the stupidity of The Cohn Conspiracy.

To further my point about vacating whining for the year, please consider Pittsburgh and all the years the Steeler franchise floundered.

After the Steelers' Super Bowl runs of the 1970s, they didn't do so well, and they were under one family's ownership.

Yes, I understand there are differences between the Yorks and Rooneys.

For comparison, even if you hold the Rooneys in high regard as NFL masters, and look upon the Yorks as the destroyers of a once-great franchise, it is worth noting Pittsburgh's fall from grace before rising to win two more Super Bowls.

Here is Pittsburgh's record after the 1979 Super Bowl victory, the team's fourth:

1980      9     7   
1981      8     8
1982      6     3
1983    10     6
1984      9     7
1985      7     9
1986      6     10
1987      8     8
1988      5     11
1989      9     7
1990      9     7
1991      7     9

And then their fortunes began to turn.

In other words, 49ers fans, it takes time.

One could certainly say something was wrong in Rooneyville from 1980-1991, wouldn't you say?

Granted, Pittsburgh won the division in 1983 and 1984, but those teams, in my opinion, were not close to being Super Bowl contenders.

So give Jed York a few more years, Niners fans. Stay away from the naysayers' Kool-Aid, which is easier to do when you put it all into historical perspective.

And please stop your whining, which is causing me to almost agree with Raiders fans' longstanding sniping of "whiner Niners fans."

And in my house, that is blasphemy.


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