Washington Redskins Fans: Get Over the Donovan McNabb Benching Already

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Washington Redskins Fans: Get Over the Donovan McNabb Benching Already
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We are now two games removed from the benching of quarterback Donovan McNabb, but it still remains a hot-button issue among Washington Redskins fans.

Listen, whether you're angry about McNabb getting benched (and being "disrespected") or about trading for him in the first place, you need to get over yourselves.

It happened and there isn't anything anyone can do about it.

However, the light at the end of the tunnel is not a freight train coming the Redskins' way.

No, what this whole debacle has shown me is that we now have a coaching staff and general manager in place who aren't afraid to cut their losses if something doesn't work.

Now this team, that wasn't poised to win this season anyways, can move on in this offseason instead of waiting until the next season when the Donovan McNabb experiment still yielded the same results.

This team has labored too long over players who just didn't fit.  Some recent examples are Jason Campbell and Antwaan Randel El.

I honestly think the fans who are still angry about the benching are caught up in what kind of quarterback McNabb was for the Eagles, and not the quarterback who isn't even in the top 25 of the league this season.

Sure, McNabb has faced a lot of pressure, but even when he's had time to throw the ball he's missed quite a few open receivers.

Are you still angry about McNabb's benching?

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Whether he's skipped balls at their feet or chucked it over their head, McNabb has looked less like Donovan McNabb and more like Heath Shuler.

I'll admit when the trade happened I was excited, a little iffy about giving up a second round pick for him, but overall I had high hopes for the McNabb-Shanahan combo.

In fact, I was so blinded by my wanting to see it work out, I totally overrated McNabb and the Redskins after their first two games.

When we beat Dallas in that low-scoring close game, I said, "Well the Cowboys are favored to win the division, so that's a big nationally televised win."

And then when we lost a shootout to the Houston Texans, I said, "Well we proved we could score points with the best of them and the Texans just beat down the Colts.  I feel good about our season."

Well we all saw how the season went for those two opponents, as well as our season.

However, I was still blind to Donovan's poor play.

I woke up during the Detroit game though.

McNabb looked awful and deserved to be benched in that game, sooner than the two-minute warning mind you, but he never really got better after that game.

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In wins over Philly and Chicago, the team more or less won in spite of McNabb and not because of him.

The Donovan McNabb era has ended in Washington D.C., and regardless of how it was mishandled, in the end it still needed to happen for this franchise to get better.

And as far as fans calling for the Redskins to "do the right thing" like Andy Reid did, I have a question for you.

Are you a Redskins fan or McNabb fan?

Listen, I like McNabb, he's a good guy. But if Arizona or Cleveland offer up a second rounder for him as opposed to a team like the Vikings offering a fourth rounder for him, I'd rather see the 'Skins do the right thing for themselves and take the second rounder.

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