How Tim Tebow Picked Apart the Houston Texans Defense

Rick BrokawCorrespondent IDecember 26, 2010

Tim Tebow is able to get off a pass despite heavy pressure from the Houston Texans.
Tim Tebow is able to get off a pass despite heavy pressure from the Houston Texans.Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

In my previous writing about Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow I highlighted the importance of game-planning for what the rookie QB could do with his feet. Lo and behold, in the fourth quarter of the Denver vs. Houston game, Tebow reaffirmed my warning.

With less than five minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, Tebow tucked the ball and ran six yards for a Denver touchdown. This touchdown gave the Broncos their only lead of the game, but it was good enough to seal the fate of the Texans.

However, Tebow's rushing TD in the fourth was simply the pinnacle on the culmination of plays that he had against the Texans weak defense.

In this game Tebow was able to throw all over the place. He set up screen plays that went for big yardage, threw to midfield and launched a few bombs deep downfield. Additionally, the Broncos had more than 110 yards rushing against the normally strong run defense of the Houston Texans.

What should have been a victory sealed in the third quarter turned into an embarrassing loss for the Texans, who led 17-0 at the half.

After the halftime break, however, the game took a decidedly different look. Tebow came out of the break looking like a completely different quarterback. He stormed the Broncos down field for 80 yards in only four plays. The ensuing touchdown brought the score to 17-7. It was in the fourth quarter, though, that the future of the Broncos really began to shine.

He led one touchdown series downfield 74 yards over 12 plays, consuming more than six minutes of the clock. His final touchdown was the result of another 12-play series that covered 76 yards and culminated in Tebow's scramble into the end zone.

I stated in my previous article that the Texans must be prepared to defend against the pass, the rush and, most importantly, the quarterback.

Obviously my warning fell on deaf ears.

The Houston Texans lost this game by a score of 24-23. This loss, in the opinion of many Texans fans, should help seal the fate of coach Gary Kubiak. No matter what, though, this is a win that the Texans needed. This was a game that should have salvaged any semblance of self-respect they had for themselves.

Instead, Tim Tebow took the opportunity to solidify his role as starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos.