Tim Tebow To Start Again: How Should the Houston Texans Game Plan for Him?

Rick BrokawCorrespondent IDecember 21, 2010

How will the Texans handle QB Tim Tebow?
How will the Texans handle QB Tim Tebow?Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Rookie quarterback Tim Tebow will get the start again this Sunday as the Denver Broncos (3-10) host the Houston Texans (5-9). The southpaw quarterback did not have a spectacular showing last week, but he did have some moments of brilliance.

A 40-yard scamper into the end zone and a 30-yard touchdown pass placed Tebow into a group of only three quarterbacks who have ever accomplished such a feat in a single game (Kordell Stewart and Michael Vick being the other two). 

The 6'3" quarterback weighs 250lbs and will be a wrecking ball against opposing defenses. This is where the Broncos will have the upper hand against the Texans.

Head coach Gary Kubiak and defensive coordinator Frank Bush will be looking to prevent the Broncos' offense from unleashing a myriad of deep passes against the Texans' secondary. Meanwhile, running back Knowshon Moreno and tight-end Daniel Graham will be implemented to strike at the heart of the Texans midfield. 

Assuming the Texans can manage to prevent any deep passes or lengthy runs, they will still have to account for Tebow who has proved what he can do with his feet.

Last week he managed to throw for 138 yards, without being picked off once, but he also managed to rush for another 78.

Stopping Tim Tebow will be a feat in-and-of itself. While he is a rookie quarterback, his play can often represent that of a veteran. Other times, however, his rookie status is clearly apparent. His botched hand-off, which led to his rushing touchdown, was indicative of an inexperienced quarterback.

For the Texans to win this game they must prepare for Tim Tebow. They must be prepared to play the pass, the rush, and the quarterback. Tim Tebow may be new to the NFL but his ability to think quickly and stay on his feet can disrupt any defense.

The Texans are looking to salvage any self-respect they have remaining, the Broncos are just looking to finish the season. In order for the Texans to win, they will need to get over their complacent style of play, man-up, and keep Tim Tebow on his back.

I'm calling this game in favor of the Texans 28-14.