Rex Ryan Foot Fetish Video: A New York Jets Fan's Take on Team's Umpteenth Issue

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Rex Ryan Foot Fetish Video: A New York Jets Fan's Take on Team's Umpteenth Issue
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On Tuesday, broke a story of a foot fetish porno on with a woman who looks a lot like Rex Ryan's wife, showing off her feet to a guy who sounds just like Rex Ryan.

After watching the video I can say, without a doubt, that it must be Rex Ryan's voice. There is also the fact that he hasn't denied that the video was his and said it was a personal matter.

But here's my perspective.

I honestly don't care; what he does off the field is not my business. He has his personal life, and as long as that doesn't affect me or the Jets on the field, I don't care.

Did he do anything wrong? No. He or his wife (hasn't been cleared up which one) appears to have a foot fetish. He hasn't cheated on anyone, and he hasn't broken any rules or laws, so it's not that bad.

Is it weird? Sure, but everyone has something weird about them. Rex just happens to film his wife's feet hanging out of a car window (allegedly).

I honestly don't get why they would ever put it on YouTube, though. That's pretty stupid on their part, even if he was just a defensive coordinator back then.

Either way, my opinion of him hasn't changed at all. He is still the awesome, no-fear coach that he was before, in my mind.

Has your view of Rex Ryan changed?

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The only thing I am mad at is that the Jets can't go a week without giving other teams' fans something to make fun of the Jets about. The Jets might as well just give other teams the key to their deepest darkest secrets already. Seriously.

Two weeks ago it was the Jets getting obliterated by the Patriots; as a Jets fan, I took a lot of heat for that one.

Last week, the Jets lost to the Dolphins when Chad Henne threw only five completions. Also, Sal Alosi tripping and injuring a Dolphins gunner on the sidelines added insult to injury. 

This week, I thought it was going to be fine after a great win against the Steelers, but no. Somehow, Rex just happened to get caught this week filming his wife's feet. Great. Today I took a lot from Giants and Pats fans saying our coach is weird, and I couldn't really say anything back.

This leads me to wonder whats going to happen after the Jets play the Bears. I am frightened to find out. Starting to wonder if the Jet curse is in effect here...

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