NFL Week 15 Report Cards: Worst of the Worst From Sunday's Games

Brian DiTullioSenior Writer IDecember 20, 2010

NFL Week 15 Report Cards: Worst Of The Worst From Sunday's Games

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    Tim Tebow did not make this list, despite a lot of people's wishes that he would. However, a lot of other players and teams did make the "Worsts" list, and it's not really an honor they wanted, but we'll bestow it anyway.

    The Texans make this list more than once, the Browns also make this list again, and of course, the New York Giants.

    This week wasn't as bad as last week, but that doesn't mean it didn't have its share of lowlights to go along with the highlights.

    So here we go on another tour of the worst the NFL had to give us this weekend.

Worst Onside Kick: Josh Scobee

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    Josh Scobee attempted the onside kick late in the game so the Jaguars could try and tie the game up, but instead the ball went right to the Colts, and a few seconds later, the game essentially was over.

Worst Offensive Gameplan: Cleveland Browns

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    So you're on the coaches' hotseat, you have a young, mobile quarterback who has passed every test you gave him, and after a great opening drive what do you do?

    If you're the Cleveland Browns, you shut it down.

    Against the Bengals.

    C'mon, man!!

Worst Division Performance: NFC West Goes 0-4

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    The 49ers never stood a chance against the Chargers. Matt Hasselbeck got benched for Charlie Whitehurst, not that it mattered, and the Rams got beaten by the Kansas City Chiefs.

    And, to top that all off, the Cardinals got beat by the Carolina Panthers.

    Yes, the Carolina Panthers.

    This division doesn't belong in the league, much less sending one of its teams to the playoffs.

    It's just ugly.

Worst Fourth Quarter Rally: The Pittsburgh Steelers

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    The Pittsburgh Steelers had about 10 chances to come back and win the game against the Jets on Sunday.

    Instead, the Jets forced a safety, forcing the Steelers offense to score a touchdown, and then no one in the Steelers receiving corps could focus on catching a ball in the end zone.

Worst Prediction: Rex Grossman Would Struggle

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    Yep, 322 yards and four touchdowns later, everyone except Mike Shanahan and Rex Grossman's family are eating crow.

    Grossman came out and gave everyone a nice steaming mug of Shut The Heck Up, and he goes to bed a a happy man.

Worst Punting Decision: Matt Dodge

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    Matt Dodge didn't listen to Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin and kicked the ball to DeSean Jackson.

    You can watch the results here.

Worst Safety Help: Brandon Merriweather

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    Matt Flynn connected with James Jones for a 66-yard touchdown catch.

    Patriots safety Brandon Merriweather flew over to try and stop the play and pretty much ended up tackling his own guy, Devin McCourty, which allowed Jones to sprint for the end zone untouched.

    Nice play.

Worst Possible Career-Ending Injury: Terrell Owens

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    Terrell Owens pulled up lame on a basic route in the first quarter. It turns out Owens tore his meniscus, which will end his season and possibly his career if the Bengals don't re-sign him and no other team decides they're willing to deal with an aging wide receiver with a busted knee and an attitude problem.

    Owens was untouched on the play.

Worst Non-Review: Andy Reid Of DeSean Jackson's Fumble

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    Andy Reid decided not to throw the challenge flag on a DeSean Jackson fumble early in the fourth quarter, even though replays showed Jackson was down when the ball came out.

    Whoever was talking to him from the booth didn't do their job, and Reid could be seen stuffing the flag back in his pocket.

    Good thing Jackson had a nice little play later on, you might have seen it.

Worst Rebound From A Tough Loss: The Houston Texans

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    The Texans lost a tough game last week to the Baltimore Ravens.

    So how did they follow it up? By completely self-destructing against the Titans to an epic degree.

    At one point, Brian Cushing and Antonio Smith were fighting with each other. Anyone else start running the scene from Major League II through their heads when they saw that?

Worst Teammates: Brian Cushing And Antonio Smith

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    Speaking of the Houston Texans, Brian Cushing and Antonio Smith got into a fight just before the end of the second quarter. Why the two teammates were fighting is unknown as of this writing, but given Cushing's history, you can insert your own Roid Rage joke here.

Worst Play-Calling: The Giants Defensive Blitz Strategy

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    The Giants decided blitzing Michael Vick was the best way to stop him, even after it became evident it wasn't.

    But the Giants kept on trying anyway. Even though Vick wasn't being stopped anymore.

    Yet they kept trying. (See a pattern here?)

Worst Attempt At Beating The Carolina Panthers: Arizona Cardinals

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    The Panthers are so bad this year, they make the NFC West look good.

    But the Arizona Cardinals would have none of that, and showed the world that you can lose to the Carolina Panthers in 2010.

    The only other team to lose to the Panthers this season: The NFC West-dwelling San Francisco 49ers.

    Yep, you have to admire the NFC West, they take sucking out loud seriously.

Worst Kicking Performance: Dan Carpenter

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    Dan Carpenter, after nailing a 60-yard kick a few weeks ago, missed four field goals on Sunday as the Dolphins lost to the Buffalo Bills 17-14.

    Carpenter went from the highest of the highs to the lowest of the lows in a very short time.

    This is the life of a kicker in the NFL.

Worst Special Teams Performance: Green Bay Packers

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    Dan Connolly, offensive guard for the New England Patriots, recovered the kick from the Green Bay Packers and promptly returned it 71 yards, nearly scoring a touchdown.

    Connolly made cuts, threw off defenders and looked a lot faster than his size would indicate.

    Some might argue this slide belongs to the New York Giants, but when you kick the ball to DeSean Jackson, you should expect something exciting to happen.

    Connolly's run is perhaps one of the funniest highlights of the season.

Worst Performance From A Team Trying To Make The Playoffs: Tampa Bay

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    Granted the Detroit Lions aren't the complete pushover they used to be, but the Buccaneers are trying to get a playoff spot and pretty much had to win their last three games to get it.

    So they lose in overtime to Detroit.

    Good move.

Worst Way To Get Team Ready To Play: Chris Kluwe

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    Chris Kluwe did a lot of tweeting on Sunday, calling TCF Bank Stadium "unplayable," and "hard as concrete an hour-and-a-half after they took the tarp off."

    So Kluwe has been banned from further tweets.

    Considering Kluwe is talking about his "homefield," one might want to question the kind of preparation Head Coach Leslie Frazier has this team going through.

    While Brad Childress had his faults, Kluwe's actions show Childress wasn't the entire problem in Minnesota this year.