DeSean Jackson Touchdown Video: Watch Eagles Star Stun Giants

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 19, 2010

The DeSean Jackson touchdown video is a thing of beauty—if you are not a New York Giants fan, of course. Jackson weaved his way around falling New York bodies on his way to glory. With eight minutes to go, and down 31-10, the Philadelphia Eagles made a late-game charge against the Giants. 

The Eagles needed a miracle in order to come back late against the Giants in New Jersey. It seems they had plenty of magic up their sleeve. The Eagles eventually took the game, but they did it the hard way.

Michael Vick started the comeback with a 65-yard pass to Brent Celek. He then ran for a touchdown himself. But the Eagles really looked like themselves when Vick passed a game-tying throw to Jeremy Maclin. 

At that point it looked like the game would go to overtime. Jackson had other ideas. After the Giants again quickly turned the ball over on quick downs, it became the DeSean Jackson show. He took the ball 65 yards into the end zone, ending the tie on top of the division.

Jackson fumbled the ball a bit, then regained his hold and took off past diving Giants defenders. The run was not without some flare and ego. Toward the end of the run, Jackson ran along the end zone in order to show up the Giants in their own house. 

Jackson may want to stay out of the public eye until he is safely back in Philadelphia.