Michael Vick Video: Watch His First Post-Prison Endorsement Commercial

Todd BoldizsarAnalyst IDecember 16, 2010

The first step in returning to normalcy for Michael Vick has arrived. He has teamed up with Woodbury Nissan, acting as their new salesperson working in "The Showroom." Vick "signed" with the dealership. 

There are already a few published articles and opinions out there. The USA Today headline reads, "Would You Buy A Car From A Dog-Fighter," which makes it sound like was in the ring with the canines. The article describes the video as "The humorous TV spot shows the kinder, gentler Vick running around the showroom in his Eagles jersey, diagramming plays, signing off on deals and appearing in mock press conferences."

Philly.com's write-up discusses the recent PR nightmare by Vick's vocal desire to Vick own a dog sometime in the future, as a companion.

So the real question here is, "At what point does America begin to forget about Vick's past and begin to let him slide?" Vick's past will always haunt him a little, as the dog-fighting ring will be brought up time and time again in passing conversation, but it appears he is on his way back. 

His football career has begun to pick up right where it left off, with analysts saying he looks even better now than he did with the Falcons pre-scandal.

Prediction: Michael Vick will finish his career as one of the best players in his era and a skilled quarterback that will be remembered for his abilities and slight transgressions in his personal life. 

According to Philly.com, "In other Vick news, he remains the NFL leader in online fan voting for the Pro Bowl with 981,687 votes. Tom Brady has passed Peyton Manning for second overall and trails Vick by 34,493."

It's has already begun.