Browns vs. Bills : 13-6 Loss To Lowly Buffalo Bills Is Unacceptable in Cleveland

Robert CobbCorrespondent IDecember 12, 2010

ORCHARD PARK, NY - DECEMBER 12:  Jake Delhomme #17 of the Cleveland Browns throws a pass with pressure from Marcus Stroud #99 of the Buffalo Bills  at Ralph Wilson Stadium on December 12, 2010 in Orchard Park, New York.  (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Score Round 3 to the Buffalo Bills in the very forgettable and highly unoffensive three-game trilogy, "Snow, Wind and Rain" that the NFL will gladly beg NFL Films director, Steve Sabol, to lock away forever.    

The "Snow Bowl" in which the Browns hung a snowman on the Bills in a 8-0 victory highlighted by a Phil Dawson 50-yard FG in near white-out conditions back in 2007.

The "Wind" game played in Buffalo last year saw the Browns win 6-3 with then Browns QB, Derek Anderson, completing only two passes in the victory that would start the Browns on their four-game win streak to end the 2009 season at 5-11.  

This latest chapter dealt with rain, although not a heavy rain, but a steady drizzle, mitigated both offenses to near Pee-wee levels of performance, and unfortunately for the Browns, they would be the ones who would be getting schooled.  

Coming into this game, Cleveland had the 7th leading rusher in the NFL in Peyton Hillis who had 972 yards going against the lowly 2-10 Buffalo Bills and their 32nd ranked run-defense

One would naturally expect the Browns to not only run the ball effectively but for Peyton Hillis to have a monster epic game right?

I guess Buffalo's defense didn't get the memo.   

This latest Browns debacle not only officially eliminated Cleveland from playoff contention, but seriously had Browns fans everywhere screaming at the lack of creative play-calling and the shaky and incompetent play of QB Jake Delhomme.   

You have to wonder why is Mangini sticking with Jake Delhomme who is without question the worst QB in the league not named Jimmy Clausen, Delhomme is so bad that he makes the former Notre Dame standout look like Otto Graham. Seriously.   

How much do you want to bet that Browns owner, Randy Lerner, could simply void Jake Delhomme's $14 million dollar check for the next two years? 

Currently, Jake Delhomme is only the third-worst QB in the entire NFL with a horrific QB rating of 65.6, including a 49.5 rating in today's game makes you wonder, The Cleveland Browns paid HOW much money for this?   

The blame for this loss should not all fall squarely on Delhomme as the offense itself once again dropped the ball as in committing three turnovers, including Peyon Hillis fumbling twice and Browns wide receiver, Joshua Cribbs mishandling a hand-off on a end-around.  

The Browns offense has seemingly gone into hibernation since winning over New England and while losing QB, Colt McCoy, could be used as a valid excuse, there is simply no excuse for sloppy and dis-jointed play on the road against a down 2-10 team with the worst run defense in the league.  

The Delhomme-led offense failed to cross midfield in all five of it's second-half possessions, even more embarrassing was that Buffalo out-gained Cleveland in yards, 323-187, dominated in time of possession, 36:10 to 23:50 and were even outrushed by 87 yards, 192-105.  

Buffalo even ran more plays than Cleveland by 21, 67-46, so you have to wonder which team was 2-10 today? certainly not Buffalo.

Judging from the stats they throughly whipped Cleveland in all facets of the game.

The Cleveland Browns must serious examine the possibility of either benching or flat out cutting Jake Delhomme and let Seneca Wallace play for the rest of the year, because clearly when ever Delhomme is under center, he makes a handful of head-scratching plays that have fans everywhere going "What the heck?"

The Browns made a bad investment in signing Delhomme and retaining offensive coordinator, Brian Daboll and I think it is safe to say that they cut their losses now with both and move forward.