Fantasy Jackpot Week 13: WR Larry Fitzgerald Recap

Papa SmurfContributor IDecember 8, 2010

Derek Anderson, the stud ruiner
Derek Anderson, the stud ruinerChristian Petersen/Getty Images

*Sigh* Another week of dashed hopes and trampled predictions. Yet I continue. I just might be right one-out-of-17 weeks. Hey, last week I was 90 percent right.

This week? Not so much, so the bet * was initiated again. My little buddies would like to thank you for adding new pain on top of the pain being wrong in front of the 100 people who viewed my link (the other 200 were me being nosy). I was in so much pain from the Bounty bowling ball test, my amigos now have their own personal pillows and blankets for night-night.

Its stats time. Let’s review them as I clench my teeth and make a looking-at-a-bad-bruise sound. The competition is gonna beat up Larry something awful. Watch the effects as his name change right in front of you!

Larry Fitzgerald 63 yds vs. Chris Chambers, Darius Heyward-Bey and Bernard Berrian zero yds (This was fantasy insurance to make me right about at least one prediction)

Larry Fitzgerald 63 yds vs. Calvin Johnson 66 yds, one TD (Bop! Body blow to the sternum)

Larre Fiitzzzgerald 63 yds vs. Percy Harvin (forfeit due to migraines)

Larre Fiitzzzgerald 63 yds  vs. Miles Austin 53 yds (Good block, Larry!)

Larrr Fegezeeeeeld 63 yds vs. Anquan Boldin 118 yds, one TD (a flurry of combinations to the face)

Laarrrdy Fegaagald. Laaady Gaagaa. Larry Fitzgerald was beaten into Lady Gaga because I predicted Derek Anderson could throw better than the Bills third QB option. It’s obvious Derek couldn’t hit an elephant in the gluteus from two feet away with a laserscoped football bazooka.  Let’s go with running backs this week. Stay tuned.


* Fantasy Football Week 13: Larry Fitzgerald Will Outperform These Studs”, Dec.1, 2010. Bleacher Report

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