Minnesota Vikings Slaughter Buffalo Bills By a Punishing 38-14

John B. HaffordContributor IDecember 6, 2010

Adrian Peterson - RB/Vikings
Adrian Peterson - RB/VikingsNick Laham/Getty Images

I was born a Cowboys fan and I will die a Cowboys fan, with one exception: Minnesota

Now, I know many people will think that I'm not a true Cowboys fan, but one thing that can never be questioned is how much I love my mom, my uncles, my aunts and my cousins from good old Duluth, Minnesota. 

They are the reason why, when I go to Minnesota every five years, my blue and silver blood turns purple and gold and my natural born "hatred" of the Redskins turns into a natural born "hatred" of the Packers

Both of my teams have had an abysmal season; both of my teams had flash-in-the-pan zombies for head coaches in Phillips (walker) and Childress (runner). 

They have now been replaced by men who know how to get a convincing win out of their team.

How weird is it that the Vikings and the Cowboys seem to be sharing sort of karma. Along with the afore mentioned replacements, the Cowboys lose Romo and the Vikings lose Favre for similar injuries. Then, Kitna and Jackson play balls out games. 

Speaking of Jackson, why hasn't he played this season before this? I know Brett is the starter. I also know that anyone playing backup behind Brett won't get whiff one of turf unless Brett is hurt and that, thankfully, is exactly what happened. 

Say what you will, but Jackson is still young and on fire. 

However, the man of the day was Adrian Peterson, who scored three TDs runnning 107 yards on rushes of two, three and a 43 yarder coming off a fumble recovery by DE Brian Robison. 

But, the best part of it is this: 38-14, Vikings!