Denver Broncos Spygate: Pat Bowlen Must Fire Josh McDaniels or Lose Fans

Reid BrooksAnalyst INovember 27, 2010

DENVER - SEPTEMBER 3: Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen looks on during warm-ups prior to the NFL preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals at Invesco Field at Mile High on September 3, 2009 in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Where there is smoke, there is fire. I just hope some of it catches Josh McDaniels.

Let me clarify: According to reports, "nothing has been confirmed." As though that should make fans feel any better.

Pat Bowlen and the Denver Broncos management have made some critical mistakes over the past two years. Apparently, their selection of McDaniels as head coach was their biggest.

Fans have gone through bizarre personnel decisions, the loss of an excellent defensive coordinator, a full year free from winning back-to-back games and endless random explanations as to why the boy genius still has his job.

At this point, with the "Spygate II" rumors floating around, any sane executive would be forced to give the guy the hook.

Think about this: If the Denver Broncos went 3-7 with McDaniels cheating, how are they going to be under him if he plays fairly? But this issue challenges Broncos fans to an even deeper level.

The Denver fanbase covers an entire time zone of the country; people come for home games from Idaho and Montana, and down into New Mexico and Oklahoma. Most loyal fans will put up with losing.

Losing isn't fun, but it is part of the cycle of the NFL.

But cheating? If these accusations end up being true, just take a look at the punishment the Patriots and Bill Belichick received for similar actions. That top 10 draft pick Denver Broncos fans have been pacifying themselves with this season would be out the window.

McDaniels may have effectively destroyed one of the NFL's proudest franchises, and done so through a manner so despicable—repeating the actions of his immoral mentor—as to bring shame upon anyone wearing the Broncos logo.

Not only would the logo be synonymous with cheating, but it would be synonymous with stupidity; the results for this type of activity are well known to McDaniels. And perhaps even more laughable is the fact that he didn't even come up with his own cheating method.

The guy is a fraud. He is a jester, leading a circus of shame and deceit in the Mile High City. And now he might be a cheater as well?

If it comes out that this is all true, which I am inclined to believe, I might have to find a new franchise to cheer for. I've weathered a lot of stuff through my Denver Broncos fanaticism, but I don't know that I can weather a cheating scandal of this magnitude.

To salvage some respect, the now clearly senile, oblivious owner Pat Bowlen could at least step forward and fire this menace of a coach he brought upon the city of Denver.

Because I doubt I'm going to be the only fan inclined to turn my back on Bowlen's franchise.