MLB Twitter: What A Few Of The Yankee Greats Are Saying About Derek Jeter Now?

Adam RosenCorrespondent IINovember 24, 2010

MLB Twitter: What A Few Of The Yankee Greats Are Saying About Derek Jeter Now?

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    No one on this list needs an introduction. 

    If you follow the Yankees, or simply, have been following baseball over it's magnificent history, the names on this list speak for themselves. 

    Although most of these players on this list are Hall of Famers, and while some will fall short of reaching Cooperstown, there is no doubt, they are all Yankee legends. 

Reggie Jackson

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    "You might be called Mr. November, but I will forever be the true Mr. October"

Yogi Berra

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    "Are you still coming back for Old Timers Day?"

Don Mattingly

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    "It was fun being captain, wasn't it? Not sure who owns this team. And even though Frank McCourt or his wife won't pay you, you can always play for me."

Babe Ruth

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    "You were an icon, and a Yankee legend, but you will never be The Greatest Yankee of all-time. That title belongs to me." 

Bernie Williams

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    "If things don't work out, you can always come join me and my band."

Billy Martin

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    "If I were managing, you would have been playing third a long time ago"

Lou Gehrig

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    "I was the luckiest man on the face of the earth for having the chance to play for the Yankees.  What the hell are you thinking not taking the 3-year/$45 million dollar offer?"

Joe DiMaggio

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    "You might have Minka, but I got Marilyn."

Roger Maris

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    "It must have been nice being able to have played for the Yankees and not have your hair fall out."

Phil Rizzuto

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    "Do you really think you were a better shortstop than me? HOLY COW."

Joe Torre

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    "No matter what you've done for the Yankees, they always backstab you in the end."

Thurman Munson

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    "Don't walk away from this team because you never know when it's all over."

Whitey Ford

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    "If I strike you out, you stay.  If not, you are free to walk. I'm the Chairman of the Board.  I decide who plays for the Yankees."

Paul O'Neill

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    "Don't you wish it was 1996 again? When we won all the time, and contracts weren't an issue."

Elston Howard

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    " I was the first black player in Yankee history.  What did you do that was so special?"

Mickey Mantle

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    "Hey Derek, I know time's are tough right now. How 'bout a beer?"

Mariano Rivera

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    "Si estoy regresando por lo que son. Final de la historia."

    "If I'm coming back, so are you.  End of story."

Ron Guidry

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    "My nickmane is cooler than yours."

Jorge Posada

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    "Atleast you get to the play the position you want.  I lost my job to a 22-year old."

Casey Stengel

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    " You might have been the greatest thing that's happened to the Yankees, but I was the greatest thing to ever happen to the game of baseball."

Alex Rodriguez

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    "It's not so easy playing in New York.  BTW, when am I moving back to short?"

George M. Steinbrenner

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    "I would've have paid you whatever you wanted."