MLB Rumors: Do The New York Yankees Need Derek Jeter?

James Evens@JamesEvensCorrespondent INovember 23, 2010

MLB Rumors: Do The New York Yankees Need Derek Jeter?

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    The New York Yankees spend huge amounts of money to be the best baseball team in MLB, translating the dollars into World Series Championships.

    For the last 16 seasons, shortstop Derek Jeter has been the face of the franchise.

    With the Jeter and the Yankees having trouble getting a contract worked out, will it really hurt the dynasty? 

    While in his tenure with the Yankees, Jeter has helped lead the team to five World Series Titles.  

    Jeter, the 11 time All-Star, seems to still be going strong, but do the Yankees really need Jeter to succeed?

His Leadership

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    The Yankees need his leadership on the field.  

    He is truly a great field general, and will go down as one of the greatest shortstops of all time.  

    With his popularity on and off the field still thriving, the Yankees would definitely miss his still-growing leadership.

His Off the Diamond Antics

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    Derek Jeter is revered by almost every male sports fan in the world.  

    He has remained a bachelor through his years and has really taken advantage of that opportunity. (I heard a rumor he was catching up with Dr. Love.)

    Although he may be envied by every man in the sports world, the Yankees will not miss his off the field tabloid drama. 

His Clean Record

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    Although everyone in his generation used steroids, Jeter has yet to come up on a list of speculations.

    Without the use of illegal substances, Jeter has been portrayed as the greatest player of his generation.

    He brings the Yankees great press in this regard, and allows the organization to feature him on advertisements to promote good sportsmanship. 

His Bat

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    If the Yankees were to lose Jeter, they would surely miss his ability to get on base.  

    Over his 16 year career, this future first ballet Hall of Famer has batted a solid .314 and 234 home runs.

    In the playoffs, he has batted .309 and had 20 home runs.

    The Yankees would miss his ability to hit when it counts.

His Glove

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    Jeter has won five gold gloves with the Yankees, including the 2010 AL Gold Glove award.

    Although his fielding did not start off stellar, as he's matured, it has gotten substantially better.

    He is one of the best defensive shortstops in baseball, and anyone would miss this kind of fielding after having it for 16 years.

His Age

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    Jeter will be 37 next season.  

    That is starting to get pretty old for a shortstop.  

    This is what must be holding the Yankees back from signing Jeter to the big contract that he wants.

    Jeter is on the downfall of his career and the Yankees know it.

    Now, he needs to realize it.

The Verdict

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    Yes the Yankees do need Derek Jeter back in their lineup.  

    He brings leadership to a team of big-headed players, and is needed to calm them down.

    Both the Yankees and Jeter need to check their own egos at the door to make this deal possible, or Jeter will be missing out on another title, and so will the Yankees.