2011 NFL Quarterback Gold Rush: Panic Is Spreading Across the NFL

Pete WilliamsCorrespondent INovember 23, 2010

2011 NFL Quarterback Gold Rush: Panic Is Spreading Across the NFL

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    In 2011 as many as 12 teams could be looking for a new starting QB: Bills, Bengals, Titans, Raiders, Cowboys, Redskins, Vikings, Panthers, Cardinals, 49'ers, 

    Seahawks Dolphins

    Possible half of these teams could also be looking for a new HC, who would want his own QB to lead his team.

    With a major shortage of quality QBs available in the free agent market there will likely be a gold rush like flocking around the few available quality FA QBs, as in Michael Vick. Teams with two starting caliber QBs on the roster will be sitting on a pot of gold in trade value, as in the Eagles.

    The 2011 draft looks pretty deep at the QB position and we could see 4 QBs of the board in the 1st round: Luck, Mallet, Locker, Newton.

    Teams in need however will make great efforts to position themselves to land their QB, however with so many teams buying - expect trading frenzy. A team like the New England Patriots will undoubtedly get maximum value for their two first round picks.

    The teams are rated according to their need for a new QB team 1 needs a new QB the most.

12. Dallas Cowboys: The Winds Of Change Could Be Blowing in Texas

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    Okay this might be a stretch.

    However it is a fact the Tony Romo, with all the available offensive weapons haven't been able to get the job done for the Cowboys.

    At NFL.com he was named as one of the most overrated players in the NFL.

    Now if Jason Garret continues as the HC in Dallas, his long relationship with Romo could save Romos job. With a new HC in Dallas Romos job could be in danger if Romos is seen more as part of the problem than a part of the solution for the future for the Dallas Cowboys.

    And the good part for Jerry Jones is that Romo holds a lot of trade value as the Cowboys needs to revitalize their o-line and secondary.

11. Miami Dolphins: Will Henne Get Another Year To Prove That He Is The Guy

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    Chad Henne looks to be (or looked to be) the future of the Miami Dolphins.

    His play hasn't been convincing at all though, and instead of being a lock at the QB position, Hennes performance will be scrutinized and evaluated entering 2011.

    Pennington will most likely be out in 2011and Thigpens contract is up. The Dolphins could be in the race for a diamond in the rough QB in the middle rounds or a veteran to backup Henne (who could actually take over if needed)

    If Henne is out - could Kyle Orton be the man to reconnect with Brandon Marshall ??

10. Cincinatti Bengals: The End Of The Carson Palmer Era ?

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    Carson Palmers performance this season has been nothing but criticized. Although the Bengals abysmal performance, with all that prime talent can't be all Carsons fault, there is no getting around that this season he was given all the weapons he needed to take the team to the Super Bowl.

    A new HC in Cincy is very likely, a does he want to put his career in the hands of Carson Palmer ?? I'm not so sure about that.

    The Bengals picked up Dan LeFevour off the waivers from Chicago - a move I really liked, but to put the future of the Bengals in the hands of LeFevour might be a little premature.

    If the Bengals could pick up Kevin Kolb from the Eagles for a 2 rd pick I think that would be a dream scenario for them. (But Kevin Kolb could be the hot QB trade in the off season and his stock could rise)

9. Washington Redskins: Shanahan Wants To Find Another

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    When Mike Shanahan trade for McNabb the consensus was that the Redskins had found the QB to lead them into a new era.

    However McNabbs performance on the field and the undisclosed issues between McNabb and Shanahan has turned this sure thing into a big question.

    Yes McNabb did get his contract extension, but the Redskins has an exit clause that will allow them go get the future franchise QB if he falls into their lap.

    McNabbs contract extension also gives him some trading value and he sure looks like the perfect fit in his home state Arizona.

    Cam Newton could be the kind of QBs that would fit Shanahan and give him that developing young QB he so desires.

8. Carolina Panthers: What a Mess !!

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    Maybe its not even fair to evaluate the Panthers QBs this season. The team has performed miserably as a whole - but still if St. Clair can come in a do ok, what does that say about the QB situation.

    On top of that Carolina is going to be looking for a new HC who would want to pick a QB of his own. Lets hope he is a big fan of Jimmy Clausen and that he has the tools to develop him.

    Right now though the Panthers look down right ridiculous for picking 2 QBs in the 2010 draft with none of them showing the right potential.

    Look for the Panthers to pick up a veteran FA QB who fits the new HCs system. Prospects: Jason Campbell, Shaun Hill, Troy Smith, Tavaris Jackson.

7. Oakland Raiders: Will They Ever Settle For a QB Who Can't Walk On Water ?

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    With how Tom Cable is trying to get Gradkowski on the field when ever he has the opportunity, it doesn't really look like Campbell is the future in Oakland - even though he was touted as the savior in the pre-season.

    And for the Raiders to put their faith in the injury plagued Gradkowski somehow also seems a little far fetched.

    I have no doubt that Al Davis would break the bank for Michael Vick and he would have to as the Eagles can't let him go if his performance continues.

    As the Raiders don't have a 1st round pick they wont be in line for one of the top young QBs anyhow.

6. Buffalo Bills: Surprise, Surprise We Got Ourselves a QB !

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    Talk about a player that has something to play for. Unless Andrew Luck falls into the lap of the Buffalo Bills I just can't see them not rewarding the play of Fitzpatrick, letting him be the starter for 2011.

    The Bills have so many other needs they have to address through the draft that picking a young QB that is nothing but stellar would be down right idiotic.

    The fun scenario would be if the Bills could actually were in a position to draft Luck, but traded the pick away for a team that would break the bank for Luck - that actually might be the best scenario for the Bills.

5. San Francisco 49'ers: Its Time To Cut Your Losses !

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    Singletary will most likely be gone - and the spot looks perfect for Jon Gruden, who will probably want to develop his own QB.

    However Troy Smith could actually turn out to be a QB to the liking of Gruden.

    However the 49'ers have so many pieces in place for the future they just need the right guy behind center. This could be the team breaking the bank trading up for Luck if the new HC think he is the guy, as they don't have that many holes they need to plug through in the 2011 draft.

4. Tennessee Titans: You Just Can't Underestimate Intangibles !!

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    Until this Sunday Tennessee almost wouldn't have made the list - almost.

    But with Vince Young out - they need to find that QB - because everything else seems in place in Tennessee. Giving up a projected 2nd rounder for Kolb could be a find in Tennessee.

    And with Vince Young in mind - you just can seem the go for Cam Newton !?

3. Seattle Seahawks: Building For The Future

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    In Pete Carolls 2nd year, with a decent offensive backbone in place, its time for Carroll to find his franchise QB.

    With Luck and Mallet possibly of the board when the Seahawks are up, home boy Locker looks like the perfect fit.

    I know there has been a lot of debate about Lockers problems this year. However - had he entered the draft in 2010 he would have been up there with Sam Bradford, possibly a top 10 pick. Pete Carroll knows his college players and Locker could be the victim of playing in a really bad offense.

    Hasselbeck could stay around for another year and mentor, and Charlie Whitehurst could run the offense until Locker is ready. Pete Carroll is on a 5 year plan and wont have to reach the playoffs until year three.

2. Minnesota Vikings: Year One After Brett Favre

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    Year one after Favre (and yes I wanted to show a picture of a success full no. 4)

    There is nothing wrong with being the understudy to Favre, just ask Aaron Rodgers, but you can also get stuck there too long, and Tavaris Jackson will never be able to step out of Favres shadow in the Vikings locker room.

    The new HC in Minnesota would also like to start his own regime.

    I have my doubts though if this is the team where you want to start for a young QB - unless he is named Luck. Jake Locker has been linked to the Vikings, as Tebow presumably was in the sights last year.

    I think an interesting fit here could be Kyle Orton. He has shown that he can produce when the talent around him is there and I have no doubts that when Denver extended his contract it was to raise his trade value. If Denver could get a high 2nd round pick I think this would be a done deal.

    In Minnesota Orton would have a much needed running game behind him - and Orton is not a guy that comes in and wants to be the center of attention - just what the Vikings need.

1. Arizona Cardinals: Looking For The Sure Thing

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    I think it looks like a lost cause for McNabb in Washington.

    With Arizona - McNabb could go home and play in an offense with great weapons and a solid running game. McNabb could actually take the Cardinals to the play offs again - and Whisenhunt could focus his attention on the defense with McNabb behind center.

    I think this looks like a perfect match.