Redskins-Jags third quarter

Rich TandlerSenior Analyst IAugust 28, 2008

--Kelly is dressed in full pads, but he is not carrying a helmet, so it's doubtful that he's going to be able to play.

--Frost boomed a punt 61 yards, but it got returned 37 by Bolton. Not enough hang time, the result a net of 24 yards. That won't win you the job, but Brooks isn't exactly sealing the deal on his end.

--Boschetti just nailed another runner behind the line. I still don't think he'll make it but he just won't go away.

--Another good defensive play is nullified by an offside penalty. Horton nailed Mike Walker, jarring a third-down pass loose.

--Justin Hamilton gets a sack, jarring the ball loose, but the ball goes out of bounds. Still, a loss of eight and Jacksonville had to punt.

--A dubious pass interference call against Williams of the Jags results in a 23-yard penalty and the Redskins are in Jaguar territory at the 36. Williams gave McMullen a bit of a bump, but it didn't look like much.

--Another receiver who has yet to take a snap is Anthony Mix. That was kind of surprising as he looked very sharp in pregame warm-ups.

--Marcus Mason is quick, but he doesn't have much power. Twice he's gone into the line on third and short and twice he hasn't gained much of anything.

--Zorn goes for it on fourth and short, but Broughton didn't get anything either. If Broughton can't make a half a yard, I'm not sure why you want him on your team as a "power" back.

--Justin Tryon just did a good job of running down Chauncey Washington after the back broke through the line and through a tackle of Horton's for about 50 yards. The kid is fast, no doubt about it, and that's why the Skins drafted him and that's why he'll probably make the 53-man roster in spite of the fact that he hasn't played particularly well this preseason.

--We finally hear Chris Wilson's name after over four and a half games of preseason football. He just got a sack to make it third and 27. He's on the bubble and I think that Erasmus James' presence keeps him off the roster.

3:35 left in third quarter

--I'll continue with the "Bubble Watch" theme here for the rest of the game. Mix now is in the game, but it may be too late for him to save his spot.

--Justin Geisinger has played center ever since the regulars went out. His status depends on how much Zorn and Joe Bugel want to have a true backup center on the roster. If they want one, he's it. If they're willing to risk that Rabach will stay healthy it seems more like either Todd Wade or, if they want to go young, Crummey will stay.

--Brooks with a punt from the 47. Jax returner makes a fair catch right at the 10. If I'm not mistaken, that's the first inside the 20 punt in the last couple of weeks. I reserve the right to change my mind here after sleeping on it, but I think that Brooks will win out.

End of third quarter
Jaguars 17, Redskins 3