Redskins-Jags fourth quarter

Rich TandlerSenior Analyst IAugust 28, 2008

--Justin Tryon with a couple of pass breakups. As I said before, I think his speed gets him a roster spot as a work in progress.

--They've started a wave, which isn't a very smart thing to do when your team has the ball. I can't really blame them, though, since it probably was more exciting to watch them draw the stripes on the field than it has been watching this game. On top of that, it's not as though there are enough people here to make much noise.

--Obviously, Devin Thomas isn't on the bubble, but Maurice Mann certainly has outplayed him this preseason. Thomas just doesn't look like he knows what he's doing out there. He'll learn, or at least we hope so.

--The Redskins will try another fourth down, this time with two to go near midfield. They tried sending Mason off tackle this time, but there still was no gain.It doesn't look like they made it if the yellow stripe is anywhere near accurate (and it almost always is).

Williamson 49 pass from Bouman (Scobee kick)
Jaguars 24, Redskins 3
12:09 left in fourth quarter

--They announced the 59,076 were in attendance tonight. Insert the old, lame joke about being disguised as empty seats here.

--In possibly Frost's last chance to leave a last impression, he shanks one 26 yards. One punt does not determine a competition, but it was sort of symbolic. He always has had a knack for shanking one at the key moment in a game. This wasn't a big moment as far as the game is concerned but the pressure was on Frost and he didn't get it done.

6:52 left in fourth quarter

--The Redskins do a nice job of stuffing Jax on third and fourth down plays to get the ball back.

--Brooks doesn't exactly make a statement on his next punt, but his 37-yarder did roll inside the 20 to the 17 and it might have gone another 3 or 4 yards had Chris Wilson not been in such a hurry to down a punt that was rolling away from him. I don't think that Wilson makes it.

--I don't see room for Justin Hamilton, although he has played a pretty good second half. He does have a good shot at being called back should someone else go down.

2:00 warning

--OK, I'm going to wrap this up a bit early so that I can get it posted and get down to the locker room. Certainly, not a very good effort and I have to wonder how much confidence the team has going into the opener.