Vince Young and Jeff Fisher: One of the Two Has To Go

Brandon Griffin@simdrummerCorrespondent INovember 21, 2010

DETROIT , MI - NOVEMBER 27: Vince Young #10 of the Tennessee Titans talks with head coach Jeff Fisher, offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger and trainer Brad Brown after coming in the game in the fourth quarter against the Detroit Lions on November 27, 2008 at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Earlier today, during the Titans 19-16 home loss to the Washington Redskins, their quarterback Vince Young injured his throwing hand during the second half on a completion to Nate Washington.

Head coach Jeff Fisher said Young's injury was a torn flexor tendon and it may need season ending surgery.

Young went to the locker room and had his thumb taped up then came out and used a glove to warm back up, but Fisher quickly kept Young out of the game as he put the team on the shoulders of unproven rookie quarterback Rusty Smith.

Young was upset about being benched and after the game threw a temper tantrum as he threw half his uniform, including his shoulder pads, into the stands. To me this is unacceptable and deserves punishment of some sort, but coach Fisher said in a post game press-conference that Rusty Smith would be the teams starting quarterback.

Fisher is the longest tenured coach in the NFL right now and has taken the Oilers/Titans through a rollercoaster ride while he has been the coach. They made the Super Bowl in 1999, but since then it hasn't been the best in Tennessee.

They have had a couple of four and five win seasons, mixed with some nine and 10 win seasons. Fisher has led the team all the way, while gaining and losing support of fans as he has went.

Fans and the media alike have questioned Young since he was drafted in 2006. He has a winning record as a starter including turning an 0-6 team last year into an 8-8 team when he was given the starting job.

I myself have been a huge fan of Vince Young and was crushed when he lost his starting job with his knee injury in 2008, and I was ecstatic when he got it back last season. Yet again I have that feeling of disbelief as he has lost it again, because of a coach who is so quick to throw him under the bus.

As quick as Fisher is to throw Young under the bus, he is right over Kerry Collins shoulder, which is bad as Collins has lost a lot over the past couple of seasons.

With Fisher I am quick to back him up in any argument just as I am with Young. He has been the coach of my favorite team before I was even old enough to even choose my own favorite team. But now, I am done backing up coach Fisher.

Fisher has been a great coach over the years and has done a lot for the Titans franchise, but if it is between him or Vince Young I believe Mr. Adams will take the quarterback he wanted to be the future of his team. The team he has built into a billion dollar franchise.

Bud Adams was also the one to point the finger at the quarterback position last season and made Fisher start Young.

I understand benching a guy over an injury or giving him extra work in practice for screwing up, but last week when Young came in and ran around fine I was skeptical of his ankle injury, and to why Collins had started. Now everything makes sense as everyone has repeated Fisher wants Young to fail. I used to deny it over and over, but now I know it is true.

Since Fisher doesn't want to give Young a chance maybe it is time to cut ties and stop giving him the chance since he still doesn't have a Super Bowl ring in over 15 years. Bring in a proven coach like Bill Cowher and let him take them team over and lead it in the right direction.

That is what I feel needs to happen, and I believe it needs to happen this offseason, I am tired of waiting on my team to win the Lombardi Trophy when they have a coach that isn't giving them a chance.

Anyways, I know this has been a bit of an endless rant, and I am sorry if I wasted your time. Maybe you enjoyed it and feel the same way? If not be sure to let me know how you feel about the hole situation, I am always open to a new opinion on a situation.