New York Jets Overcome Late Collapse in Comeback against Houston Texans

Chris Dela Rosa@chris_deezyContributor INovember 21, 2010

Holmes celebrates after game-winning touchdown.
Holmes celebrates after game-winning touchdown.Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

As the Jets got the ball with more than two minutes left, fans in the stadium felt another comeback victory for the Jets after having two overtime wins the last two weeks.  

Once Mark Sanchez's pass was intercepted, though, almost all hope left the stadium.

Somehow, down by four with less than a minute to go, Mark Sanchez was able to lead his team down the field, capping off a beautiful drive with a touchdown pass to his new favorite target, Santonio Holmes.

Earlier in the day, ESPN began to call Sanchez "Broadway Mark" because of his love for the Broadway shows in New York City, but it seems that the meaning for his new nickname could come from his love of late-game drama.

The Jets, who suffered a loss to starting right tackle Damien Woody early in the game, had trouble on their offensive line, allowing Texans in the backfield more than a few times and causing Sanchez to have to scramble.  Wayne Hunter, who entered the game as Woody's replacement, did well in the early going, but by the fourth quarter Hunter wore down.  He was the reason Sanchez was pressured and the reason Sanchez's arm was hit as he was trying to throw the ball.

Not as a result of the loss of Damien Woody, the Jets running game was not successful.  Their normally thriving run game was held to 103 rushing yards (including rushes by Tomlinson, Greene, Sanchez, Smith and Richardson).  Another piece of their run game that killed them was the fourth-quarter fumble by Shonn Greene.  The fumble comes as a result of Greene not getting as many snaps as he was expected to earlier this season.  For the most part, LaDainian Tomlinson has been carrying the load, but in an effort to balance out the run game, Shonn Greene is being rotated in a lot more than before.  As a result of the increase in snaps, he fumbled.

This celebration of the late victory will have to be short-lived for the Jets.  On Thursday they play the Cincinnati Bengals, who will be coming off an embarrassing 49-31 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

In the coming days the Jets should look at how they need to sustain leads rather than having to play each week down to the wire.  Although it is great preparation for the playoffs, where they may get into close-game situations, they need to be able to keep leads.  

Below is the Jets' remaining schedule, which includes three big games against the Steelers, Patriots and Dolphins.  Those games will determine whether the Jets make the playoffs or not.

11/25: vs. Cincinnati Bengals (Thanksgiving)

12/06: @ New England Patriots (Monday Night)

12/12: vs. Miami Dolphins

12/19: @ Pittsburgh Steelers

12/26: @ Chicago Bears

1/02:  vs. Buffalo Bills