Cleveland Browns Need To Move Evan Moore To Wide Receiver

J GatskieCorrespondent INovember 18, 2010

The Cleveland Browns top three wide receivers are Mohamed Massaquoi, Joshua Cribbs and Brian Robiskie.

Over the first nine games, the three have combined to catch 41 passes for a total of 497 yards. That breaks down to 4.5 catches per game for 55 yards. Despite Cleveland's offensive identity as rush-first to open up the passing game, these numbers are unacceptable for NFL-caliber wideouts.

Even the merry-go-round at quarterback is not valid reasoning for such meager output.

Tight end Ben Watson has 34 catches for 434 yards by himself. I realize he has been the equivalent of Linas' blanket for the Brown's quarterbacks, but quite simply, I don't believe that either Robiskie or Cribbs is a real No. 2 receiver in the NFL.

As I watch the receivers run their routes during games, make themselves targets and show off their hands, or lack thereof, I can't help but consistently come away impressed by tight end Evan Moore.

The former basketball player from Stanford runs precise routes, knows how to make himself a target and probably has the best hands on the team, and while certainly not as explosive as Cribbs, is more fluid and athletic than Robiskie.

The recent emergence of Chansi Stuckey on underneath routes and trick plays have cut into Robiskie's time. I think the Browns should take away the rest of his time and play Moore at wideout in his place on intermediate and deep routes.

Moore has 11 receptions for 237 yards and a 21.6-yard average per catch, so he knows how to get open deep.

He could also spell Cribbs at times, which would give offensive coordinator Brian Daboll greater flexibility to use the unique and awesome skill set that Cribbs brings to the field.

Imagine Massaquoi on one side, Moore lined up on the other, Cribbs in the slot and Watson at tight end. I don't know about you but that sure sounds better than what's been lined-up.

The Browns still have Alex Smith and Robert Royal at tight end to pick up any slack. I realize that the Browns have used Moore at flanker at times this season, but I really think they should make the move a permanent one.

Ben Watson is an excellent tight end and Moore is not going to unseat him or see playing time at his expense. Moore is a unique talent whose size, body control and hands cry out for more playing time on a team that needs help at a spot he can fill.