Heartbreak City: The 25 Greatest Letdowns In Philadelphia Sports History

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Heartbreak City: The 25 Greatest Letdowns In Philadelphia Sports History

Philadelphia fans are many things to many people. Clearly, it takes one to know one.  To themselves, they are the most passionate and loyal fans in the world.  To outsiders, they are just despicable.  To the national media, they still threw snowballs at Santa Clause 40 years ago.  One thing though that all can agree on is their passion and love of their sports teams.

Athletes who played in this city immediately acknowledge the dual nature of the Philadelphia fan.  You know the old adage, that stereotype that we're recognized by:  "When you're winning, there's no better place to play.  When you're losing, they're going to let you hear it."  This much is very true, we obviously want and deserve a winner, but always admire and appreciate effort and hustle.  Take it from someone who knows this as well as anyone.

In Philadelphia, you will be remembered forever if you work your ass off and leave it all on the field.  Yet, if you don't show the effort, they will turn on you in a flash.

Whether it's the top star or the newest rookie, they've all felt the wrath.  The simultaneous "BOOOOO" that descends from the top seats and works its way down.  At some point or another, most Philadelphia athletes have deservedly heard this.  Sorry to say, for some, this is the last thing they hear during their time in Philadelphia.  That patented "BOOOO" has broken athletes in this city and will continue to do so.  We don't mean it though, I promise.  

Throughout the history of sports in the City of Brotherly Love, fans have suffered through their share of heartbreaks.  In fact, to those who know, myself included, the number is far too many.  

Here are the 25 most demoralizing heartbreaks in Philadelphia sports history.

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