Should Brett Favre Be Benched and Brad Childress Fired from Minnesota Vikings?

Dexter RogersCorrespondent INovember 15, 2010

CHICAGO - NOVEMBER 14: Brett Favre #4 of the Minnesota Vikings looks over the Chicago Bear defense before taking the snap from Jon Cooper #68 at Soldier Field on November 14, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. The Bears defeated the Vikings 27-13.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Brett Favre and his 3-5 Minnesota Vikings went to Soldier Field to face off against the 5-3 Chicago Bears. Four quarters later, the Vikings boarded the plane home 3-6 and likely out of the playoff hunt.

Favre cost his team another victory. Just like he did against Green Bay two weeks ago, Favre threw costly interceptions at crucial times. Favre was 18-31 for 170 yards, one touchdown and three interceptions. He also lost a fumble, ending the game with four turnovers. 

Speaking of turnovers, Favre has accounted for 21 of the 23 turnovers the Vikings have as a team.

Has the time come for the Ole Gunslinger to put his guns in the holster for good? 

There is no logical reason why the Vikings should continue to play Favre just to play him. It has become painfully clear he cannot get it done and they should part ways with him.

Yes, I am aware Favre passed for 446 yards last week. I am aware that was a career high and the Vikings won a game they should have lost. But Favre cannot consistently do this year what he did last year. 

Favre looks like a beat-up old man trying to summon the guile that used to be there, but is no longer available.

Despite his short-comings, I have always stated if Favre is healthy and the team is competitive, he gives the Vikings the best chance to win. I can no longer subscribe to this. Favre has cost this team too many victories this season against division foes due to his erratic play. 

Childress has improved his winning total each year he has been head coach. He’s gone from winning six games his first season to winning 12 games last season. For his efforts, he was awarded a contract extension by the Vikings organization.  

The time has come for a change. 

Bottom line: Childress has lost the team. He figured by releasing Randy Moss that the problems would subside and go away. He was pointing the finger at the wrong guy. Before Moss arrived there were problems: Now that he's cut, problems still prevail. 

The two constants were Childress coaching the team and Favre playing quarterback.

So where do the real problems lie?

The Favre experiment is officially over. Favre’s play is hampering the team on the field. His off-the-field problems are more of a distraction than what the mainstream media lets on  Even though the Jenn Sterger situation has taken a back seat in the media, it must bother him. 

The Vikings need to make a change. Take a page from the Cowboys in what they did with Wade Phillips

Get rid of Childress and bench Favre. 

Replace Childress with Leslie Frazier and hand the car keys to Tarvaris Jackson for the rest of the season. Then the team can finally be built around the running of Adrian Peterson, instead of the 41-year-old arm of Brett Favre.

Favre has indicated this indeed will be his last season no matter what. Even if he goes back and forth like he normally does on whether to play again next season it doesn’t matter: Favre hasn’t played well enough this season for the Vikings or any other team to want him back. Then he can finally be confined to his home in Hattiesburg, Miss., whether he wants to continue to play or not.

Furthermore, he could face a suspension from the NFL and be sued for sexual harassment for the Sterger situation as well.  Better to bolt now on your own terms, rather than be forced out.

Vikings fans need to face it: The Brett Favre party is over.  

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