NFL Power Rankings Week 10: Focus on the Cleveland Browns

Rob BeloteSenior Analyst INovember 11, 2010

CLEVELAND - NOVEMBER 07:  Head coach Eric Mangini of the Cleveland Browns shakes hands with head coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots at Cleveland Browns Stadium on November 7, 2010 in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)
Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

At my—I do a weekly power ranking of all 32 NFL teams.  It's a hugely subjective process in which I try to account for a team's strength of schedule, margin of victory, good wins and bad losses.

Where do the Cleveland Browns currently rank?

After Week 6, the Browns weren't looking too great.  They were 29th on the list, following losses to the Falcons and the Steelers.  Granted, those are two top 10 teams in the league, but the Browns were 1-5 at that point.

I knew they could play better, but they just weren't showing it, so I was struggling to see signs of hope.  It didn't help that they got rid of Jerome Harrison, who I felt had tons of potential.

Week 7's victory was huge.  Beating the Saints IN New Orleans?  That's really good.

During their bye week, something clicked.

Seriously, folks, did ANYONE think that the BROWNS were good enough to beat the Patriots?

Most people were looking for a drubbing, given that Cleveland now employs Eric Mangini—who at one point seemed to be the bane of Bill Belichick's existence. 

I wasn't.

I figured that Mangini would be fairly well prepared for the Patriots, having not only worked there for a while under Belichick, but also because he was the coach of the Jets and got to game-plan for the Patriots twice a year during his tenure there.

Also involved in the mix is the cosmic power involved with the Browns being Belichick's former team, which also makes you think that he'd want to get a big victory there.

If the Browns had just barely beaten the Patriots, that would be one thing.  I could understand the top ranked team in the league slipping up, but that's not how it went.

A 20 point victory by Cleveland?  That's a sound beating.

As you can bet, the Patriots aren't in the top spot anymore, and the Browns aren't anywhere near the 29 spot anymore.

So where do the Browns rank now?

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