Minnesota Vikings: Five Reasons Why Donovan McNabb Won't Sign With The Vikes

Tanner ThomsSenior Analyst INovember 9, 2010

With Brett Favre set to retire, or so we think, after the 2010-2011 season comes to a close, many Vikings fans are already beginning to speculate on who will be the day one starter in 2011.

Joe Webb, a sixth-rounder in 2010, has received a lot of praise for his performances during practice and preseason. However, he's been described as a quarterback who can run, throw the deep ball, but has limited accuracy.

I do believe that Webb can be a star in the future, but his time is not now. Joe is a project in the works, which shouldn't be a bad sign for Minnesota.

Tarvaris Jackson, slated for free agency this offseason, will likely be let go. Minnesota has given him several opportunities in the past, with none of them working effectively.

With these options being eliminated, Minnesota must either acquire a quarterback via trade, free agency, or in the 2011 draft.

Donovan McNabb, a potential Hall-of-famer, will be a free agent this offseason. He's had limited success with the Redskins, and was even benched during the final two minute stretch a couple weeks ago.

Mike and Kyle Shanahan have both butted heads with the former Philadelphia Eagle, which leads me to believe that he won't receive a deal from Washington.

While Minnesota could easily sign the No. 2 overall pick in 1999, I believe they will go in an entirely different route.

I will be listing five reasons as to why the Vikings shouldn't and won't sign Donovan this offseason.

1. New coach, new quarterback

At this rate, Childress is a man just trying to keep his team together. Brad will almost definitely be fired this offseason after the way everything has transpired thus far.

Whether it's Leslie Frazier, Bill Cowher, or somebody else, Minnesota will have a new head coach in 2011.

Also, with Brett Favre slated to retire, the Vikings will be looking towards a potential first or second round pick spent on a quarterback.

I can imagine no better way for Minnesota to handle the 2011-2012 season. If the Vikings can get their hands on either Locker or Ponder in the second, they will be in good hands, no pun intended.

2. Donovan has lost his luster

He's not a terrible quarterback whatsoever, but McNabb is far from his prime. He's struggled all throughout this season, despite having a couple good targets to throw to.

Many will argue that Donovan would have a much better time with Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin, and Visanthe Shiancoe to throw to, but if Brett can't often get it done, nor can McNabb.

I wouldn't be completely shocked if McNabb decided to hang up his cleats within the next two years. His health has often been a cause for concern.

Speaking of which, here's reason number three.

3. Health

Brett is obviously hurt quite frequently, but that's what you get when you're smashed repeatedly at the age of 41.

Donovan has had multiple injuries in his career, ranging from a sports hernia to a torn ACL. It's only a matter of time before he goes down again.

Obviously I wish him the best of luck with his health, but it's bound to happen at one point or another in the future.

I don't want to go into next season with the high risk of having my starting quarterback miss ball games. It's a risk that nobody will be willing to take.

4. Slight rebuilding

Minnesota's offense and defense will go through slight rebuilding this offseason when Brett Favre and Pat Williams retire, Ray Edwards leaving through free agency, and several players likely receiving the boot.

The Vikings had a great time with Daunte Culpepper after selecting him in the first round almost a dozen years ago.

I began watching the Vikings in 2000, so I've never really been able to witness Minnesota go through a season with a quarterback that many predict will change the franchise for the better.

If the Vikings aren't a playoff team, many changes will be made. I'd love it if a young, stud quarterback were added into the mix.

5. Would he be enough?

Donovan McNabb has been to the NFC Championship game on several occasions, but only managed to make it to the Super Bowl once.

McNabb was clearly better five years ago than he is today. At this point in career, I doubt that Donovan would be enough to lead the Vikings to a Super Bowl.

Minnesota will not be an "all in" type of team next year. They will be a team just trying to win games with the team they have.

Signing McNabb, to me, would be a temporary move in order to try and achieve a Super Bowl victory that Vikings' fans have been craving since they began.

In conclusion, I wouldn't be completely upset if the Vikings signed Donovan McNabb, but I don't think it's the best move for the franchise.

Unless McNabb signs for relatively cheap, it would be a bad investment, in my opinion.

The Vikings could go the route of signing McNabb for cheap, while still drafting a talented quarterback in the first two rounds.

Donovan did a decent job with Kevin Kolb, but Kolb is now behind a football player, Michael Vick, who was out of the league for two years very recently.

McNabb's teaching skills may be limited, which wouldn't be a great sign for a promising rookie. Tarvaris Jackson never had a mentor, like Brett Favre, when he began his career in 2006.

While McNabb still has some gas left in the tank, I don't think his gas should be spent playing for the Minnesota Vikings.

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