The Oakland Raiders Defeat KC Chiefs and Referees In OT Victory 23-20

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The Oakland Raiders Defeat KC Chiefs and Referees In OT Victory 23-20
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Against all odds the Raiders with MVP Jacoby Ford defeat the KC Chiefs in OT 23-20

 There's a new player in the game and his name is Jacoby Ford. Let me start off by thanking and congratulating this speedy WR for a great catch at the end of the Oakland Raiders OT drive to get the Raiders into field goal range.

 It was an absolutely nail-biting game as the Oakland Raiders played hard to stay in competition only to be brought down by the worst NFL officiating the NFL has ever seen. Yet, this speedy rookie receiver with great, great hands won the game for the Raiders.

 It was a pleasure to see the takeaway catch in the 4th from CB Flowers. How sweet it is:)

The first half was not at all what the Oakland Raiders were expecting as the Kansas Chiefs managed to get turnovers that were simply given to them by the bad calls or shall we say biased referees.

   When it came to the officiating of this game it was simply bad. The referees threw flags at good coverage and fumbles that didn't exist. Absolutely mind-blowing. This is the 21st century so lets get with the technology for these guys.

  It was fine for the Kansas City Chiefs to hold onto receivers such as Brandon Myers, he was held for nearly three seconds in the completed task of interrupting a certain catch.

Then in the second half, it was gut wrenching to watch Nick Miller go down on the ball, and the NFL referees decide to "gift" the ball to the Chiefs since the Raiders were out of time outs. This allowed the Chiefs to score a TD, and I believe at this point, Coach Tom Cable had about enough.

The Oakland Raiders and Coach Tom Cable still maintained that legendary Silver and Black professionalism, and although this game was against the Chiefs, the refs were also playing hard against them. Does the NFL have it out for the Raiders? WR Tim Brown thought so after the tuck rule, lol.

 Or could these guys just be too old? cant see well or even keep up with the younger faster players?

 In all fairness I I will have to say for KC fans that the first down situation in the Red Zone by the referees was a botch for them and there were others. It was definitely a first down, but in that situation the referees corrected the mistake.

The Oakland Raider defense, however, remained solid through the game, and it was their tough plays that hurt the Chiefs and sent them back to KC losers! Richard Seymour, Matt Shaughnessy and Michael Huff had great plays and sacks!

One more honorable mention is the play of Mike Mitchell; he was everywhere!

KC quarterback Matt Cassell was limited to throws, and the running game was virtually non-existent! RB's Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones just could not penetrate the Oakland Raider Defense!

On the opposite side, however, RB Darren McFadden was playing some tough football, and anyone who tried to tackle him paid with a body shaking thud! McFadden is simply a beast. Michael Bush was in for a few plays, but overall, the offense was lacking in some areas.

It does seem that if Bruce Gradkowski was at the helm, there would have been a higher score for the Oakland Raiders as Jason Campbell threw some really bad interceptions in the first half. However, he did win, and the OT throw to Jacoby Ford was absolutely as perfect as the catch!

It should also be noted that three stars for the Raiders were missing. These players were CB Nnamdi Asomugha who was replaced by Chris Johnson. Chris Johnson was burned quite a bit in this semi rainy game, but he got better by game's end.

Next was TE Zach Miller who was replaced by Brandon Myers, and aside from the hold by the Chiefs and the blind refs, he played great.

Lastly, the Oakland Raiders lost the speed of WR Louis Murphy (shoulder). Enter the newest treasure to the Oakland Raiders—wide receiving corp, Jacoby Ford! Talk about a true ball hawk!

 Jacoby Ford was exactly what the Raiders needed on offense, and with his entrance, it should mean the door closing for WR Chaz Schilens who hasn't been seen on the gridiron since...well...I know he is still on the roster. Still, Jacoby Ford was simply astounding and made big plays when we needed him. He looked very much like former WR Tim Brown and  if anyone should be wearing jersey 81 it should be Ford.

To all the Raidernation, I was thrilled to see our team win by insurmountable odds. Former CB Deion Sanders was kind enough to put Jacoby Fords performance as no. 1 on his "Primetime" show and that was a first. Ford was spectacular and i just cant say enough.

It's tough enough dealing with the opponents, but when the NFL referees are hobbling on the sides, missing penalties and throwing flags at any Oakland Raider cornerback coverage, it makes it all the more tougher.

Still, the Silver and Black overcame both, and going into a bye next week, we all can savour a tasty, tasty victory!. Nothing like BBQ Chiefs and old nobly, blind, unfair refs to go with a nice cold brew.

Oakland Raiders for life. Next article...Who will QB against the Steelers? My choice Gradkowski.

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