NFL Rumors: 10 Coaches With the Hottest Hot Seat

Ben GriffyCorrespondent INovember 4, 2010

NFL Rumors: 10 Coaches with the Hottest Hotseat

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    Every season, sports fans are treated to the football equivalent of a reality TV drama: the midseason coaching carousel. With "Playoffs? Playoffs?!?" out of sight, these coaches are now resorting to competing with Jersey Shore for the most entertaining bouts of anger, tears and tirades.

    Most of the coaches on this list were seen as commanding playoffs teams at the start of the season. And while their rosters are loaded with talent, these sacrificial lambs have done nothing with it. Get set and tune in for the next episode.

1. Brad Childress

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    Where can you even start with Big Bald Brad? He’s a bad locker room coach; he’s a bad coach with the media; and worst, he’s a terrible in-game manager.

    Given the expectations of the Vikings going into the season, Childress would still be on the hotseat if he would have achieved a 2-5 record with this talent. But his mismanagement of the Randy Moss fiasco, his handling of Brett Favre and his affinity for blaming everyone but himself have put him at the top of this list.

2. Wade Phillips

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    If it weren’t for Childress’s timely decision to release Moss, Wade Phillips would easily top this list. For a team that many pundits had picked as a Super Bowl favorite to end up 1-6 against bad opponents is simply unacceptable.

    What’s been more surprising is that Phillips is still the coach of the Cowboys, having survived several near firings. If he doesn’t right this ship and at least manage a winning record, he’s gone.

3. John Fox

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    Just a few seasons ago, John Fox was leading his Carolina Panthers to the Super Bowl. Now they are bottom dwellers, with little talent and two very underachieving quarterbacks. Could another coach make this team better? Maybe. Will they get a chance next season? Almost definitely.

4. Mike Singletary

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    Football fans who dislike Mike Singletary are few and far between. Football fans crazy enough to say it to his face are even fewer (and after saying it, there would be none) and farther between.

    But criticism deserves to be leveled at Singletary, who has the most talented team in the NFC West and has managed only one win out of it. While he may be a terrifying coach, he doesn’t seem to be able to win.

5. Norv Turner

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    How has Norval Turner continued to get coaching jobs? Frankly, if I were GM (I’m not as crazy as A.J. Smith, honest), he would have been fired EVERY season since he took over as coach.

    This year, the Chargers are leading the league in offense AND defense, and have nothing to show for it. Turner had better start watching his back. The only stat that matters is wins, and Turner is simply not producing.

6. Josh McDaniels

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    Last year, McDaniels was heralded as the next coming of Bill Belichick (minus the extensive training in filming the Jets). This year, the Broncos have looked terrible—culminating in a disastrous loss to the Oakland Raiders.

    Without Brandon Marshall, there were going to be problems—but 2-6 on a team that fired Mike Shanahan after an 8-8 season isn’t going to cut it.

7. Marv Lewis

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    Putting Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco on the same team seemed like a recipe for disaster. How it spelled disaster for quarterback Carson Palmer is unclear.

    What is clear is that the Bengals have had one good team the past several years—and that team lost in the first round of the playoffs. Lewis might survive this season, but he better get his stuff together.

8. Eric Mangini

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    Ah how the Mangenius has fallen. Last year, it took a late season rally for the Razr throwing coach to keep his job. This season the Browns have relied on trickery and deceit to get their two victories. But how long can they last being the football equivalent of a Charlie Sheen relationship? The answer is not too long.

9. Chan Gailey

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    This dude was fired from the Chiefs last year IN PRESEASON. How has he managed to have a job? The team is 0-7. ‘Nuff said.

10. Tony Sparano

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    Tony Sparano will probably not be fired. But without a win at home, there’s some pressure on him. And with Dan Carpenter having 10 field goals over the past two games on a team with Brandon Marshall, something must be done to the offense.

    But chances are he’ll keep his job.