NFL Picks Week 9: 10 Bold Predictions For This Weekend

Carl D. CarlucciCorrespondent INovember 4, 2010

NFL Picks Week 9: 10 Bold Predictions For This Weekend

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    In Week 9, Michael Vick returns from injury to lead the Philadelphia Eagles against the Indianapolis Colts.

    What will happen when the Colts travel to Lincoln Financial Field?

    Listed here is a prediction for this game as well as nine other bold predictions, including both outcomes and statistical achievements, for the slate of Week 9 NFL games.

No. 10: San Diego Chargers and Houston Texans Combine For Over 800 Yards

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    The San Diego Chargers (3-5) travel to Reliant Stadium to take on the Houston Texans (4-3).

    Last week the Chargers defeated the Tennessee Titans in San Diego, while the Texans lost on the road against the Indianapolis Colts.

    This week should be an offensive brawl, as the Chargers average 426.9 yards a game on offense (first in the NFL) and the Texans average 367 yards a game on offense (seventh in the NFL)

    Combined they will tally over 800 yards of total offense. The two teams' ability to reach this plateau will be helped along by Houston's defense, which surrenders a league-worst 404.1 yards a game of total offense.

No. 9: Philadelphia Eagles Defeat Indianapolis Colts

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    Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts (5-2) overcame their injuries on offense last week in order to win 30-17 over the Houston Texans.

    However, that was at home against the atrocious defense of the Texans.

    Even though it has been another week, and with each passing week the Colts get healthier, travelling to a very hostile environment in Philadelphia to play the Eagles (4-3) and their eleventh ranked pass defense should prove more difficult than filleting the Texans Swiss cheese defense.

    Add to that the return of Michael Vick, who, unlike Kevin Kolb, should be able to use his speed to negate the speed rush of Colts defensive ends Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis. The Eagles should also be able to move the ball on the Colts average defense. 

No. 8: Cincinnati Bengals Defeat Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Don't be fooled by the thumbs up in this picture, all is not well in Cincinnati.

    The Bengals (2-5) have deviated from their formula for success. Last season they played well on defense and ran the ball with efficiency.

    This season their defense is getting skewered and their running game is unproductive.

    That being said, the Bengals should be able to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2) this weekend.

    The Steelers are hurting on defense following the injury of defensive lineman Aaron Smith, and even before that the Steelers were allowing opposing teams to pass on them. While they hide behind the reputation of the Steel Curtain, this Steelers defense is vulnerable against the pass, allowing 243.1 yards a game through the air (25th in the NFL)

    The Bengals possess the sixth ranked pass offense in the NFL and play at home.

No. 7: Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs Combine For Over 400 Rushing Yards

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    When the Kansas City Chiefs (5-2) travel to Oakland to take on their AFC West rivals the Oakland Raiders (4-4), one thing is certain: There will be rushing yards.

    This game features the top two rushing offenses in the league. The Chiefs average 190.4 yards per game on the ground, while the Raiders average 168.5 yards per game on the ground.

    The Raiders also have the 26th ranked rushing defense.

    This one should be an old fashion battle of the trenches in which the teams total over 400 yards on the ground combined.

No. 6: Buffalo Bills Defeat Chicago Bears

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    In back-to-back games, the Buffalo Bills (0-7) have taken opponents with a combined 10-4 record to overtime before losing on field goals.

    When they welcome Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears (4-3) to Ralph Wilson Stadium this Sunday, they will get their first win of the 2010 season.

    There is not much reasoning behind this prediction other than the fact that right now the Bills are playing better football than the Bears. 

No. 5: Seattle Seahawks Defeat New York Giants

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    In the up and down NFC, each week brings bigger surprises than the last.

    This week one of the bigger surprises will be a Seattle Seahawks (4-3) victory at home, where they are 3-0, over the New York Giants (5-2), who are considered the class of the NFC.

    The Seahawks have a solid enough run defense (10th ranked in the NFL) to slow down the Giants and will pull out a victory at home against a superior team, leaving analysts scratching their heads and asking, "Well, now who's the best team in the NFC?"

No. 4: New York Jets Blowout Detroit Lions On The Road

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    Rex Ryan is going to have his team motivated after they were shutout by the Green Bay Packers, and the New York Jets (5-2) will go on a scoring binge this week against a Detroit Lions (2-5) team that allows 23.6 points a game (26th in the NFL).

    The Jets will get it done with their ground and pound offense against a Lions defense that allows 130.4 rushing yards per game on the ground (27th in the NFL) and the team's receivers will make a point of catching the ball this week.

    Also adding to the blowout will be the Jets defense, which is finally at full strength and showed it last week when they limited the Packers to 237 total yards of offense in Week 8.

    The Lions have been playing tough, but the Jets are just more talented and they are angry. Look for them to take their frustration out on the Lions. 

No. 3: Carolina Panthers Defeat New Orleans Saints

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    This is more of a hunch than anything, as the Carolina Panthers (1-6) aren't even playing well. But as mentioned earlier, the NFC is off kilter this season and a Panthers upset at home against the New Orleans Saints (5-3) will be a bigger head-scratcher than a Seahawks victory over the Giants.

    The Panthers will use their fourth ranked pass defense to slow down and defeat the Saints.

No. 2: Cleveland Browns Defeat New England Patriots

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    A confrontation that was once a serious source of drama, is now a mundane game between a NFL superpower and a NFL bottom feeder from different divisions.

    However, this week Eric Mangini and his Cleveland Browns (2-5) will give the New England Patriots (6-1) and Mangini's mentor, Bill Belichick, a run for their money to pull out the upset victory at home.

    Something just doesn't add up with this Patriots team. They're 6-1 and getting Pro Bowl guard Logan Mankins back this week, but they are also getting out-gained by over 50 yards a game!

    Something's got to give at some point and this week the Patriots will lose a close, gritty football game, much to the surprise of everybody in the NFL. 

No. 1: Brett Favre Throws 4 Touchdowns Without Randy Moss

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    This weekend, after Minnesota Vikings (2-5) Head Coach Brad Childress waived Randy Moss for insulting a caterer, Brett Favre will have his best game of the season.

    A lot of frustration has built up over the course of the first eight weeks, and the Vikings will take those frustrations out on the Arizona Cardinals (3-4), who are not a very good football team, at home this weekend.

    Adrian Peterson will run all over the Cardinals 29th ranked run defense, but it will be Favre scoring the touchdowns, as both beleaguered coach and quarterback look to make a statement. 

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